1. What Difference Does It Make?
2.  Do Not Question The Great Brain-O
3.  Midwinter
4.  The Detective
5.  Before The Action Commences
6.  Drop Dead
7.  Miette
8.  East Dearborn
9.  The City Sucks Tonight
10.  A Broken Jaw Factory
11.  '87 Yankees
12.  Industry
13.  Industry Remix By Frankenfonda
14.  So The Pirate Says
15.  Engine Down
16.  I Survived The Chair
17.  x 7
18.  I Claim This Land In The Name Of Taz
19.  Grave? Shovel! Let's Go.
20.  Bike Dance (No Scrubs)
What I Should Have Said Vol.1

CD | INIT-02

20-song compact disc from this Iowa City band, now called TEN GRAND and on Southern Records. This CD collects the band's out of print self-released debut 7", their out of print split 7" with Quatro, compilation tracks, demos, live songs, and more. This CD won an AMG "Artist" Pick, one listen and you'll know why. There will be a repress as a TEN GRAND CD, digitally remastered with new artwork/layout soon.

In July 2000, The Vidablue played my hometown of Mankato, MN. I had just graduated high school and The Vidablue were one of my favorite bands and I couldn't get enough of their 7"s, which is all that was released at the time. I wanted to listen to them in my car, I wanted to take their music to work with me. I also wanted to start a record label and share music I love with people. So when they played the show I asked if they would be interested in releasing a CD on my newly-planned record label that would collect their 7" songs, compilation songs, demo tracks, and so forth. They readily agreed, and the rest, is history, I guess. I don't know why this was INIT-02 when it was technically the first release on the label, I guess it sounded more legit to start with 02 instead of 01.

Pressing Info:
1032 copies

out of print


All Music Guide:
"Blistered knees, bloody noses, and tearing down the walls with sheer screaming hardcore terror noise; the VidaBlue know what's up - they burst through the seams, pumping out 20 blistering, over-energized, floor flailing emo anthems" (Four Stars Out Of Five)
- Blake Butler

HeartattaCk #30:
"Wow, just when I thought life couldn't get any better (what with a new series of "Making The Band" starting and Mulder raising from the dead and all that) I get to review a CD by a band whose last LP has never left my record player for more than a day in the last 8 weeks. Wow, indeed. There are 20 tracks on here (woo-hoo!!). Unfortunately there isn't any real info on here as to whether these songs have been released before or not. That's okay, though, I was perfectly happy to just listen and enjoy. Basically what you get to hear here is a band growing up, going from relatively simple primo screamo hardcore to completely-and-utterly-fucked-in-the-head post-emo craziness. The recordings start 12/98 and end with 3 songs recorded live on WNYU 7/00. What a band they've become! They're really pushing the boundaries of acceptable emo-strutting here. It's all jangly, disjointed, hyper-ventilating fun. A sweaty, trippy stroll down to the asylum. I dig. When's Volume 2 coming out?"- Marianne Hofstetter