1. While Your Mother Gently Weeps
2.  The Grand March
3.  Jane
4.  The Joys Of Responsibility
5.  Toward The Night


The 5-song CD from this DC-influenced Murfreesboro, Tennessee band who have been compared to Jawbox, Rites Of Spring, Rye Coalition, Fugazi, and At The Drive-In. From start to finish, this CD is all rock.

Tyler from the Black Soul Choir played a solo show under The Falling at my short-lived rock club in Mankato, Your Mom's. He was so funny, I think he played like one and a half real songs, it was more like a comedy hour than a acoustic performance. Afterward we hung out and talked a bunch and I realized how great of guy Tyler was. We kept in touch and he was coming thru again on a solo tour in December 2002. After the show we went to Happy Chef and ate chicken fingers and he talked about how the label that put out the "Cardinal" EP (under The Falling) had just folded and didn't do a good job promoting and pushing the CD. I told him I'd reissue it because I liked it so much, I listened to it constantly since he had sent me one in the mail. When Tyler got back from tour he e-mailed me about doing the reissue, only under the name The Black Soul Choir, as it was a recording with a full-band, not just Tyler (who would continue doing solo tours under The Falling), and five months later the CD was out and it would be the last release I would do before relocating to Sioux Falls, SD for employment opportunities.

Pressing Info:
1000 copies

out of print


Punk Planet #58:
"If Revolution Summer had taken place in Memphis instead of DC, this might have been the output. These guys play post-hardcore infused with some down-home soul elements. The singer's howl is akin to Guy from Rites Of Spring, and the music goes from off kilter to driving to soulful effortlessly."- Neal Shah

HeartattaCk #48:
"I think what sets Black Soul Choir apart from a lot of other hardcore bands is the fact that they really know how to write songs. They don't just go for a specific sound, they write real SONGS. And most of those songs are really, really great. BSC plays excellent emotional hardcore (but not screamo) with all the necessary twists and turns, but this is one step up from the usual emo bands because this is so much more mature sounding. I mean there's no fucking around here, no sloppiness. Everything is where it belongs. This CD is a highly concentrated, intelligent piece of work. The more I listen to this the more excited I get about it. (Just the mere fact that I've listened to this about 20 times already should tell you that it's pretty good). There are many different textures and sounds on here. A CD well worth exploring."- Marianne Hofstetter

[Mag] #13:
"This band used to be called The Falling. Apparently, this is a re-issue of their first EP. What we have here is some moody indie rock that sometimes rocks and sometimes plays it cool with somber guitar work and soft drumming. The vocals range from almost whispered to smooth crooning to strained shouts. I'm usually not into this kind of stuff, but I found this interesting and it managed to hold on to my stunted attention span."- Garret O'Sha