1. Ashes Not Dust
2.  Burn The Vatican
3.  Between Long Lines
4.  Short Bus, Front Flip
5.  9.4.06
6.  It Is The Flash Which Appears
7.  The Thunderbolt Will Follow
8.  Party Awesome
9.  East'll Meet West Anyway

CD | INIT-49

Pressing Info:
1000 copies



Give Me Back #5:
"Cougar Den, from Milwaukee, play a very chaotic blend of screamo that breaks down into slower parts with more distinguished grooves. The guitar player certainly has a vast array of pedals at his disposal and he is not afraid to use them in the flurry of chaos tand noise emulating from my speakers. The vocals are screamed and shrill at times but it works for the style of music. This is actually wuite good and comes in an absolutely beautifully printed digipak."- -Bradley Napier