1. Your Shapeless Pain
2.  Némelèndèlle
3.  Am Kreuz
4.  Le Fils Des Faux
5.  From Birth To Grave
6.  Ritual
7.  Silver Needle. Golden Nail
8.  Le Gardien des Rêves
9.  De Dodenakker
10.  Razoreater
11.  Aorte
12.  Thurifer
13.  Terziele. Tottedood
Mass III-II + Mass IIII

2CD | INIT-51

A double CD collection featuring Mass III-II and Mass IIII plus a bonus track (previously only released on vinyl) from Belgium's AMENRA. Packaged in an awesome custom double z-fold digipak with slipcover.

Pressing Info:
2000 copies. Second pressing has slightly altered/updated artwork

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