1. Let Them Eat Cake
2.  235 Ways To Suck Seed
3.  Swells
4.  Con
5.  We Fake Smiles
6.  Beta
7.  Awful Grey
8.  Hope
Full Circle

12" | INIT-53

Since 2004 TOWERS has been one of the hardest working DIY hardcore bands, touring every inch of the United States, not to mention a good chunk of Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. The band has released almost a dozen records, cdís, and cassettes; the majority of them being self-released, and the majority of them also selling out with absolutely no distribution In 2008 TOWERS only played a handful of shows around their homebase of Philadelphia, PA and took time to focus on writing and recording their sophomore full-length, and follow up to their self-titled debut CD/LP released on Electric Human Project/Turnstile. Summer 2008 the band entered the studio with Steve Roche (Off Minor) to record Full Circle, which is the bandís greatest work to date. A great blend of technical and screamy intelligent hardcore. LP is a split release with the band's own label, Towering Sound.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (March 2009): 100 orange vinyl, 400 black vinyl



Give Me Back #5:
"Jesus fucking christ. You know, I got home from a rainy day of riding around and delivering things I don't care about to people I don't care about, and I thought that - rain-soaked and salty - this would be a good time to listen to this record. Lighten the mood it did not - in all it's ambiance and beauty, this record really is an extremely pointed little pill to swallow. As in, it doesn't allow you to forget that it's there, working its way through you with a trail of blood behind it. In between the oppressive, downtuned frenzy, you're treated to instrumental parts that sit on the fence dividing unsettling and calming. Should I call this post-screamo? Should I call it literate mathmosh? Nah, I'll opt to call it neither, and compare them to no one. This is truly in a league of its own."- - Stephen Pierce