1. Sour Grapes
2.  Hawks
3.  We Keep On Fighting
4.  I Am A Lost Boy
5.  Gray Town
6.  Endless Summer
7.  Red Herring
8.  Indiana Jones
9.  On The Edge
10.  The Way Things Appear
Everything You've Heard Is True

CD | INIT-56

The fourth full-length from this Kokomo, Indiana hardcore/punk band, Everything Youíve Heard Is True, is more straight forward and stripped-down musically from their previous efforts, but still filled with the heartfelt and youthful lyrical content, and catchy youth crew sing along parts that their fans have come to love. In The Face Of War is one of the hardest working DIY bands in the Midwest, they have toured non-stop and played 100ís of shows every year since they formed in 2002. Comes packaged in a full-color digipak with 8-page booklet, with 100% recycled packaging.

Pressing Info:
1000 copies