1. If I Was Erased
2.  Most Fragile Days
3.  The Final Epic
4.  Saving Me, From Me

7" | INIT-11

Their four song tour CD-R from 2001 now pressed onto vinyl. One time only pressing.

I listened to the 4-song tour CD of the four songs that this 7" would later be comprised of so much during the summer/fall of 2002. These are still by far my favorite Dispensing Of False Halos songs, not because they are better than their new material necessarily, but because this is how I first heard the band recorded and I played it so much, it quickly became one of my favorite CD's. So it really seemed natural to put it out on vinyl format and make it readily available for the kids, since the tour CD was limited and long sold out. This was the first record I put out shortly after moving to Sioux Falls and I remember sitting in my living room assembling them while watching Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and drinking chocolate milk. My memory is uncannily good sometimes.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (June 2003): 100 on red vinyl, 400 on black vinyl. Pressed at United Record Pressing.

out of print


Punk Planet #60:
"This brilliant, mixed tempo screamo 7" from Iowa is such a stunning example of the complexity of new hardcore that I can't picture it written out as sheet music. It's technically far more sophisticated than the opera your rich uncle went to last weekend. Limited to 500 copies, so hurry."- Art Ettinger