1. Enkephalin - Full Access Bubblegum Machine
2.  Enkephalin - Biff Can Take A Beating
3.  Enkephalin - Calling To Confirm
4.  Enkephalin - The Technician
5.  Enkephalin - One Punch Machine Gun
6.  Enkephalin - Iceman Vs. The Tiger
7.  Phoenix Bodies - Half Billion Ants: A Force
8.  Phoenix Bodies - Spin: A Rendezvous
9.  Phoenix Bodies - Lawn Of Decadence
10.  Phoenix Bodies - Get It, Rabbit
11.  Phoenix Bodies - Full Frontal Fragrance
12.  Phoenix Bodies - Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination

CD | INIT-13

A split between Michigan's ENKEPHALIN who play fast technical hardcore along the lines of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Indiana's PHOENIX BODIES who play fast choatic hardcore and share members with MARA'AKATE. 6 songs from each band, for a total of 12. The key word here is fast if you hadn't noticed.

It's a rare occasion when I get a demo in the mail that is actually worth my time to listen to. This was one of those rare incidents, although if Colin from Phoenix Bodies hadn't included a note saying he was in Mara'akate, I probably would have thrown this in a box with the other demos I get and never listened to it. However, being a Mara'akate fan, I couldn't wait to throw in the 3" disc they had sent me. Two songs from Phoenix Bodies and two songs from Enkephalin were on that disc, and I was totally sold after the first listen. Essentially the only band to send me a demo and have a release come out of it. More importantly, I made a bunch of new friends, as the guys from both bands are super rad people. Colin from Phoenix Bodies did the artwork and layout and it came out looking really sharp too.

Pressing Info:
1000 copies

out of print


Punk Planet #60:
"Enkephalin rips through the first six tracks playing mathy screamo with a horde of changes, reminding me lossely of Dillinger Escape Plan. Playing nightmarish, spastic post-hardcore with blast beats and insane energy, Phoenix Bodies are the reason to get this split. Both bands have Midwest roots, and you can hear them."- Tim Kuehl

HeartattaCk #41:
"At first I couldn't tell the bands apart, but after a while I could. Both bands play screany, harsh, and technical hardcore. Enkephalin are more technical, and have eerie keyboard interludes and really intricate sounding guitar solos. It's like Dillinger Escape Plan but more spooky on the quiet parts. Phoenix Bodies play more straight forward harsh noise screamo type stuff. This was a good listen and I'd like to hear more from Enkephalin."- Chris Duprey

Melting WIng #1:
"This split, between Indiana's Phoenix Bodies and Michigan's Enkephalin on Minnesota's Init Records, is not unlike a freight train. It's loud, it's fast, and when it's done you'd swear it wasn't 21 minutes long. Enkephalin's six songs don't blend together at all, which isn't very common for fast bands like that, or at least that's what I think. Musically, this band has something you want, GREAT drumming and very awesome guitar mastery. Lyrically, however, they've got this "a bunch of sentences thrown together into an incoherent paragraph" combination that a lot of bands have been doing lately. I think lyrics are overrated anyhow. Phoenix Bodies' six songs are very good as well. Their lyrics are so good. You can tell that whoever wrote these (they have two singers) put some serious thought into what he was trying to say. PB is awesome musically as well, as their two guitar players are good at what they do. If you're into sporadic time signature changes and good, fast-paced guitars, then you'll dig it."- Phillip Ginn

Raw Beat For The Malcontents:
"First side played was Phoenix Bodies. Overamped super distorted math grind noise. You know it, these are great things to be. Bizarrely brings Old Lady Drivers to mind (worst comparison of the week by the way) but if you're down with that sort of thing you'll dig this too. Plenty of tracks and feedback to burn. Obviously excellent Enkephakin give us oodles of stop-start thrash and noise that is better than most of the shit that is on Relapse at the moment. Uber-tight playing,hard and fast, fast, fast. Again heaps of tunes,and these boys can really play. Both bands are cool and this platter deserves to be heard. Cool packaging too."- Brian