1. The Object Of Your Desire
2.  Recite This Dialogue
3.  Drive Hime, Let It Ring
4.  A Form Of Closure
5.  How To Go To Sleep
6.  Everything Else Comes Second
7.  Because There Aren't Enough Hours In The Day
8.  Pranks For The Memories
9.  There Goes Rhymin' Simon
10.  Unreleased Untitled
11.  One
12.  Two
13.  Exorcism At Moon River
14.  Headlines
15.  Untitled
16.  A Day To End All Days
17.  The Followers
18.  Better Left Unsaid
19.  The Line Between Us
20.  Yellow Stained Walls
21.  Another Day
22.  A Borrowed Light
23.  Reverse
24.  Today & Tomorrow
25.  Wasted Time
26.  Shooting A Torpedo
27.  Don't Mess With The Dippity Doo
28.  Who The Fuck Is Steve Buttcabbage
29.  There Goes Rhymin' Simon (live)

2CD | INIT-14

The long-awaited discography CD from this highly influencial Sioux Falls screamy hardcore band. Included on this double CD set is their "In Line For Halos" 7", their sides of their split 7"s with Saqqara, Rise From Ruin, and Caligari, the "Confluence Of All The Senses" CD, their final 8-song tour CD-R, their song from the "Songs Of The Dead 2" compilation CD, plus four live songs (three of which are unreleased) and another unreleased studio track! Plus a 16-page booklet with lyrics for all of the songs.

June 2002 I went to Minneapolis to see Caligari on what would be their last tour (unknowing at the time). BJ from Spirit Of Versailles was playing bass for Caligari and I talked to him briefly about when the discography CD was going to come out, and he said hopefully while he was on tour with Caligari. A label from California was going to do it. Apparently the kid had a lot of problems getting the CD together, because I e-mailed BJ when Caligari got back from tour and the CD was still not out and BJ didn't have a clue what was up with the label doing it. I offered to help put it out, mainly to get it out sooner, as I was super excited to get the CD personally. From then, I got the masters, the band worked on gathering photos and writing down lyrics, and wverything was sent to Chad Crews to do the layout while I mastered the disc at Cathouse Studios, here in Sioux Falls, where it would end up being a double disc set due to the final length of the discography. Everything finally came together after several months and the final product looks great and everyone is happy to finally have this CD.

Pressing Info:
2000 copies



HeartattaCk #42:
"If you haven't heard of this band, they are one of those 90's screamo bands that have out-of-print records everyone pays too much for on eBay and Skylab (R.I.P.). If you're into that, start searching now - Spirit Of Versailles was damn good. Otherwise, I'd suggest picking up this double CD release. Like most discographies, it has way too many songs to listen to in one sitting. If you're into bands that have twinkly guitar slow parts that lead into members falling on the floor screaming something you can't understand into a crappy mic that probably isn't even in front of their mouth, then you'll love this band. 29 songs, 1 hour 28 minutes."- Chandler Briggs

Punk Planet #63:
Reviewer Spotlight: "The Spirit Of Versailles really combine all my favorite elements of post-hardcore. They've got the whole raw, screamed vocals and tantrum-throwing thing going, but unlike a lot of bands, these guys sandwiched and incorporated beautiful melodies in between, and even within, all the blast beats, noise and distortion. One minute you're being bludgeoned with a wall of guitars and drumming, and the next they'll break into a quiet, introspective sound with off-key, sung vocals. The pretty parts are influenced by Midwest emo bands from the early to mid-'90s, as it has the characteristics of that "Midwest" sound, and it's done exceptionally well. The lyrics on the songs fall in the vague, personal-type category that you pretty much expect when listening to a band like this, but they don't come off too corny or taken from a high school journal, like some of the other bands in the genre. Although they were only around a couple of years, the band managed to release quite a few records that (these days) are highly sought-after by nerdy, record-collecting kids, myself included. This handy 2xCD discography eliminates the need to hunt for and then pay $15+ for each of these records on eBay. Released by the super cool Init Records, this little gem is one of the more worthwhile discographies I own."- Krystle Miller

"So, it's with baited breath I place the CD in the draw. I have been waiting for this discography for such a long long time now. I originally heard it was to be released in October last year, but that never came about. Still, a few short months later, and here it is in my hands. It was worth the wait. That's not to say I hadn't heard most of the stuff on it before, but I don't own anything by them, and the tape I had with their stuff on it has long since bitten the dust and surrendered to wear and tear. So I was eager to get my grubby little mitts on this. What we have, as with most discography's, is the complete collection of songs recorded over the time Spirit Of Versailles were together (July 1998 October 2001), That includes a number of splits with bands such as Caligari, Saqqara, Rise From Ruin, a few 7"s, some live tracks, and a whole host of other things this band appeared on, which is rather a lot of stuff. So anyway, for anybody that hasn't heard the band, the music is straight up screeching, ripping, heart in throat emo. The lyrics are soul-searching, vitriolic, and sometimes beautiful. It all fits together nicely to create a sound not a million miles away from Saetia and the like. The first CD contains the best material done by the band, no doubting that. From the opening explosiveness of "The Object of Your Desire" through my personal favourite "How to go to Sleep" until the final song on the first disc which doesn't have a name, there isn't a bad track to be found. I whole-heartedly enjoy every single track on the first CD. The vocals are harsh and sometimes you wonder just how the guy can keep it up without doing serious damage to his throat. The second CD is a little flat compared to the first. It doesn't have as many songs that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in comparison to the first disc, but listened to in its own right; it's still a great disc. The opening track "A Day to End All Days" for example, has a breathtaking build-up and explosion. The vocals have changed somewhat by this point. A lot of people will be put off by them, as they are some of the screechiest I've heard, possibly ever, with the exception of Vincent Black Shadow, I love them though. This is a solid Discography, and is definitely highly recommended. They don't make 'em like this anymore kids, so enjoy this. I did."- Pete

Collective Zine:
"The Spirit of Versailles occupy a space in my musical memory shared by the likes of Saetia and Portrait, straddling a dividing line between the older mid 90's emo bands and the nascent Witching Hour sound that was skulking in shadows and working its evil magic. More shrieked and intense than the majority of the older emo acts, but not as chaotically madcap as Usurp Synapse or their kin, the Spirit of Versailles flew the hand-stitched emo flag while many of their peers were investing in ever more bollock-strangling trousers and tacky Casio keyboards. Here then, collated and sweetly bundled by Init Records, stands what I assume is their entire recorded output 29 songs culled from 7"s, CDs, a radio show and a couple of unreleased odds and sods to boot. At their best, Spirit of Versailles could well have been the logical successors to Constantine Sankathi's throne: all sloppy, jangled melodies and hoarsely yelled paeans to heartbreak that more often than not mentioned tears, pain or dying. This was where Versailles hit paydirt, riding out huge screamy emo anthems that doubtless caused a Mexican wave of t-shirt tugging from basement to basement. As is the way with such complete discographies, wheat and chaff nestle side by side. Not only do we have the joy of "there goes rhymin' simon" and "exorcism at moon river", but also the dubious privilege of hearing the band's earliest material, featuring vocals somewhere between air being let out of a balloon and Alvin Chipmunk being tormented with syringes full of window cleaner. Time has not been particularly kind to these numbers, and I'm liable to be even unkinder, so it's for the best that this more odious material resides on the second disc where it can be ignored, and spun on occasion for the decent enough radio appearance tacked on the end. As a eulogy this collection provides a fond enough reminder of how great this band could be. All the thrills you need are on the first cd, which warrants purchase alone, whilst what is to be found on the second disc is for nit-picking curiosity seekers and those with more tolerance than I."- Alex Deller