1. Dispensing Of False Halos - It Does Not Not Hurt
2.  Dispensing Of False Halos - Which Way To Transparent Blue
3.  Calling Gina Clark - Wir Nehmen Abschied
4.  Calling Gina Clark - Blumen Gieben
5.  Calling Gin Clark - Ich Fuhle Mich Von Ihrer Autoritat Auf Den Schlips Getreten Herr Oberkommissar

7" | INIT-16

Germany's Calling Gina Clark serve up three songs that sound like a cross between Jeromes Dream, Reversal Of Man, and Dillinger Escape Plan with occasional blast beats and jazz breakdowns and Iowa's Dispensing Of False Halos serve up two new songs of fast screamy hardcore. Split release with Crucificados Pelo Sistema, of Germany. Comes on white vinyl in very nice looking printed and stickered PVC sleeves. Limited to a one-time pressing of 700, and only 350 will be available here in the states! Co-release with Germany's Crucificados Pelo Sistema label.

This was originally supposed to be a limited split record for a European tour that Calling Gina Clark and Dispensing Of False Halos were going to do July-August 2003. Unfortunately, Dispensing Of False Halos had to cancel the tour, but Calling Gina Clark went on without them and Crucificados Pelo Sistema and myself figured we may as well still put the record out. Dispensing Of False Halos recorded their two songs at Cathouse Studios here in Sioux Falls, and I spent all day trying to find out where Cathouse was and get ahold of the boys so I could hang out with them while they were in town, eventually I met up with them, but missed the recording session.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (September 2003): 700 copies on white vinyl with hand-printed and stickered heavy plastic sleeves. Pressed at Eldorado Media.

out of print


"I guess that's the way it is with split releases – somehow you always end up picking a favorite. In this case, a co-release by a German and an American label, I kind of like Dispensing of False Halos better than Calling Gina Clark. With their furious, screaming hardcore I'd put DOFH into the same category as maybe Joshua Fit For Battle, Mara’akate or Jeromes Dream. I like their heavy and intense style the better the more often I listen to the songs even though it's not anything new or innovative really. Still, that's not necessarily the most important aspect anyway, although I sometimes wish I could distinguish better between all those bands mentioned. Well, to sum it up, the DOFH songs are perfect candidates for upcoming mixtapes and that certainly is a compliment. I wouldn't insist that Calling Gina Clark are the 'losers' on this 7". Actually they're a band I appreciate a lot, especially as a live band. However, on this recording the songs appear to be a bit overloaded and nervously interrupted because of all too many samples and keyboard sound effects. It seems as if all those ideas could easily suffice for more than three songs. Also the –admittedly pretty rad looking - white vinyl doesn't do CGC any good. Their songs are of lower sound quality when it comes to volume and clearness than those of DOFH. But don't get me wrong now – all that sounds much worse than it actually is because what you get here is definitely perfectly played modern screamo of the more varied and individual kind. Also the lyrics are as always well done. To make it short: this 7" is recommendable especially considering the fact that only 700 records were pressed."- JJ Applepuke

Collective Zine:
"Minimal packaging which I think led to my copy of this record being warped to fuck. Thanks guys. Looks nice though. And at least with this kind of stuff you don’t even notice when the record undulates on your turntable. Calling Gina Clark are a German screamo band. At a pinch I would guess that their trousers are too tight, they have studded belts and, as a band, get through roughly fourteen gallons of 'black #1' hair dye per week. The music is messy, chaotic and they sure seem to like their twists and turns. The singer screams and is basically interchangeable with about a million other bands. On the first song there is a slightly lacklustre, bluesey breakdown where the singer seems to be saying "blah blah blah, blah blah blah", which kind of sums things up. As far as the more metallic side of 'screamo' goes, I had a fair old time listening to Dispensing Of False Halo's cd on Init. It was good in an early-Cave-In-if-early-Cave-in-wasn’t-so-shit kind of way. On these two songs the band seem to have, to some extent, ditched the metallic approach, and made their sound somewhat scruffier. And it certainly benefits. The first song is a short, staid stab at screamo. Not bad, but not exactly exceptional. The second is a lengthier affair, raised from the mire of soundslikeverythingelseishness by a drawn-out arpeggiated section with the singer yowling over the top. I get my kicks from things like that, and it works really well here. Then we launch back into some kind of frantic grind/metal part (see, they couldn’t totally let that side of things lie after all…) before hitting the switch marked 'melody' again and strumming out some pretty, drifting stuff. Nice."- Alex Deller

HeartattaCk #41:
"This is a nicely packaged split 7" featuring two bands I have never heard of before. Calling Gina Clark hails from Germany (I think). They play a manic style of hardcore that is along the lines of bands like Saetia and Orchid, but have metal influences thrown in. Fairly average stuff. Dispensing Of False Halos are much better in my opinion, rocking out some early 90's influenced ecstatic hardcore in the vein of Mohinder."- Mike Haley