1. The Spirit Of Versailles - There Goes Rhymin' Simon
2.  Caligari - A Novice And A Novelist

7" | INIT-03

These two Sioux Falls, SD hardcore bands offer up one new song each, The Spirit Of The Versailles is more on the emotional hardcore side of things with a little different sound than their previous records, but it won't disappoint their fans. Caligari is on the metal side of hardcore, and features an ex-member of Floodplain and current member of The Blinding Light.

I was working at the record store in Mankato, MN with Erik Torkelson, who was in the band Attica Underground from Sioux Falls. I had put out the Vidablue CD and he wanted to start a label too. He suggested a split LP between two of his friends bands in Sioux Falls, both of which I was familiar with and enjoyed, The Spirit Of Versailles and Caligari. A couple phone calls later, the bands and us had agreed on a split 7" that would come out in time for their U.S. tour together in the summer of 2001. About a month later I set up a show for The Spirit Of Versailles, Caligari, and Examination Of The, and Erik ended up joining Examination Of The and moving back to Sioux Falls, leaving me essentially doing it by myself. The first pressing sold out super fast, considering I had very very little distribution at the time. I ended up repressing it in the Winter months of 2001 printing the covers myself at school and getting school credit for doing so. Because kids kept inquiring if I had any of these 7"s left and to do something special for the first vinyl release on the label, a special third (and final) pressing was made, limited to just 100 copies on white vinyl with hand screen printed covers which were all shot through with a gun.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (July 2001): 100 red vinyl with color front & back covers, 400 black vinyl (47 dark blue front/back covers, 35 green front/dark blue back, 49 brown front/dark blue back; 28 brown front/black back; 241 grey front/black back). Photocopied covers/inserts, hand numbered. Vinyl pressed at United Record Pressing. Covers printed at Kinkos.

Second pressing (December 2001): 100 gold vinyl, 400 black vinyl. Two-color covers, machine numbered. Records pressed at United Record Pressing. Covers printed DIY on an offset printer at my college.

Third pressing (May 2005): 100 copies on white vinyl with screen printed covers. 10 were shot with a 9 mm gun, the other 90 covers were shot with a .22 pistol, and 3 of those 90 have two shots instead of one. 99 of them were splattered with blood red paint, and one of them has a rounded die-cut skull. Vinyl pressed at United Record Pressing. Covers DIY printed.

out of print


"Really very surprising and worthwhile record from the states. Spirit of Versailles, perhaps you already know them or others like them, but those who know them, will also want this split 7"... There is a song by each band on the record, which is good in and of itself. The Spirit of Versailles start with a relatively sad, noisy, screamo song they wrote themselves... At first it is beautifully, slowly, and sadly played and then screamy, requiring chaos. Everything is very intensive, with beautiful transitions, which cause goose bumps to crawl across the skin or cause the listener to furiously and automatically go into his room and agressively dance around, cry, etc. This release picks up seamlessly where their other releases left off... Unfortunately, this is the last new thing the Spirit of Versailles will ever release. In addition, the Caligari side is good. They do better without using an entire side of the record than their colleagues can do with their own 7". The only direct comparison that can be made can be between the voice of the sing, which isn't as intense as the singer of Spirit of Versailles, but you cannot be hasty to judge this band as bad or classify them as boring.... those who are interested hear (second hearing!) (there are those people, who hear only the beginning of a record and judge then...they've sat through it six times!!!) when the times the direct comparison between the singers can be ignored (what says that the comparison of the two bands in any case should be different?!), that there is a melody to be heard. They achieve the sadness potential of bands like Jeromes Dream or Makara. Really absolutely intensive. "I remembered the things that I almost said making maps on your skin with this touch and ink I wished was invisible." Damned sad "emo" lyrics are present throughout, but "emo is the way to be." So please take a chance and satisfy your awoken curiosity by listening to this record. This is a beautiful equivalent split release." (translated by Joe Riska)
- Stan Winter

HeartattaCk #36:
"I think this might be the best Spirit Of Versailles track that I've heard yet. Kind of a perfect blend of Indian Summer and Yaphet Kotto. It starts out relatively tame, then culminates in one of those emo crescendo finales. Sounds like a cliche, but they pull it off extremely well. Caligari sounds madder and badder, just heavier all around. Both bands are really good at what they do. I think there's only 500 of these, so try to find one and hold on to it."- Marianne Hofstetter