1. If I Was Erased
2.  Most Fragile Days
3.  The Final Epic
4.  Saving Me, From Me
5.  It Does Not Not Hurt
6.  Which Way To Transparent Blue
7.  Dale Earnhardt Song
8.  It Does Not Not Hurt (demo)
Growing Up, Giving In

CD | INIT-20

The final release from Iowa's recently-defunct DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS. This CD collects the four tracks from the self-titled 7" and their two songs from the split 7" with Calling Gina Clark (neither 7" will be repressed) along with two unreleased songs: a demo version of one of the CGC split songs and a cover of fellow Des Moines band Eric And The Floaters. New artwork by Chad Crews.

Pressing Info:
1000 copies



"Viscous, brutal, destructive. These are three words that come to mind when listening to this album. Itís a pure sonic assault of hardcore/ new-metal. You CONVERGE addicts may want to pick this up. Itís very creative & never stops rocking 'til the bloody end."- LD

Slug And Lettuce #83:
"Brutal and metallic hardcore from Iowa. This band has called it quits, and this is a combo deal of their two 7"s, plus a few extra unreleased songs. This has a strong edge of intensity, that rages and gets pretty tech at times as well. Crunching and chugging guitars, in that screamo emo metal genre. The vocals are extreme - super screamy and harsh. Powerful shit. Brutal crossed with the ethereal high notes. Kinda painful at times and as it goes on it becomes more discordant, and more harsh and abrasive with even more angst. Another really nice looking layout with cool bird and cityscape."- Chris