1. Untitled One
2.  Untitled Three
3.  The Deepest Hymn
4.  Untitled Two
5.  In Exile
The 2002 E.P.

7" | INIT-21

The five-song recording from this Sioux Falls band documenting their early days of screamy hardcore. This is very different from the band's present day sound (and on the "Majestic Blue" CD), this is highly influenced from their fellow Sioux Falls peers in The Spirit Of Versailles, Examination Of The..., Caligari, and Edict Of Milan. Fast, brutal, screamy. Two singers, two bassists. Limited one-time pressing of 350 copies on black vinyl with cool hand-screened and assembled packaging! Also a special tour edition of 193 copies with special tour covers with different artwork for them to sell and make some extra money on tour.

When Sinking Steps Rising Eyes came back from their 2004 summer tour I asked them if they would be interested in putting out their old 5-song demo CD-R on limited edition 7" vinyl. They cheerfully agreed and we decided to press up 350 of them and make packaging by hand. Well, when the vinyl came back from the plant, about 200 of the 350 records had a scuff mark on them on the B-side (caused by the plants equipment), it didn't effect the playing of the record, but the plant sent another 200 for free which we set aside for a year until the band went out on their next tour Fall of 2005, we made 193 special tour covers with different artwork for them to sell and make some extra money on tour.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (September 2004): 350 copies on black vinyl. 50 have white covers with blue veluum, 300 have tan covers with cloudy white veluum. 2005 tour edition: 193 black vinyl with alternate artwork, 100 blue covers, 75 yellow covers, 18 green covers. Tour versions were copies from the first pressing that came back with a scuff mark from the pressing plant. Pressed at United Record Pressing.

out of print


RCKTWN Magazine:
"The Midwest band, Sinking Steps Rising Eyes, has been creating beautiful, original sounding music that is set aside from most all styles of music. They mix elements of indie rock, hardcore, screamo, and spacey rock to form an inimitable sound that cannot be compared to any bands that Ive heard. The self titled 7 vinyl consist of five songs from their first ep which is now out of print. Their sound was more intense then, with harsh screams, but still holds the familiarity of the full length."

Collective Zine:
"2002 ep? Wonder why these songs took so long to materialise. They don't sound like they have dated really though mind you. Perhaps that's more of a hint as to how the screamy emo genre hasn't really moved on that much since then. So here you get SSRE's dramatic and over-the-top squawking over sweeping emo epics that cannily slide between crashing melodies and pretty twinkles. Easy enough to draw comparisons to any number of other bands to bash out a bit of sobbing on vinyl, e.g. Portrait and Spirit of Versailles. They do it really well though, and I definitely prefer the songs on this to the cd that came out by this band last year. The vocals are very much in the French way - all harsh, all the time. They don't stand out as either being amazing or rubbish, so I don't know why I am writing this sentence to be honest. The second track has a really nice mid 90's emo style bassline that pushes the track on whilst it bubbles between explosive and broody. The ending of the track is super nice, with a flute or a recorder or something coming into play and the guitars laying the repetetive Indian Summer stlye melodies over the top. Always scores points with me and makes this 7" really worth having rather than overlooking. Overall, 5 solid jams of screaming, weeping and emoting. I'm a sucker for it. Too bad."- Andy Malcolm