1. It's A Nice Night...For Murder
2.  Nine Words
3.  To Be Young
4.  If You Knew My Friends
5.  With Our Lives
6.  All I Have
7.  For A Better Tomorrow
8.  Oceans
9.  Return The Favor
10.  Everlong
11.  The Whole Of Who I Am
Live Forever Or Die Trying

CD | INIT-23

The third CD release from this Indiana hardcore band, showing lots of evolution from their previous attempts. With similarities to bands like GOOD CLEAN FUN and STRETCH ARM STRONG, this band has plenty of catchy youth crew sing alongs blended with both screamed and shouted vocals (their vocalist is also an ex-member of PHOENIX BODIES). This is also insanely positive - songs about staying young, friends, summer, playing hardcore, and being excellent to others and enjoying life. 11 songs, including a FOO FIGHTERS cover, in under 30 minutes.

Pressing Info:
2000 copies. First pressing has uncoated paper stock, repress has glossy paper stock.



"This album is a mixed bag of silliness & goodness. I have to take it with a grain of salt when someone quotes Bill & Tedís Excellent Adventure in their opening track. Otherwise, this is heartfelt hardcore - dual vocals, lots of guitar & rhythm changes. Not bad."- LD

HM Magazine #113:
"Fantastic old school hardcore. If the rat-a-tat-a-tat drumns won't kill you with intensity, perhaps the fine-tuned guitar riffs will, or maybe you'll get sick from all the flying phlegm in the shout-along choruses. This band rules, and Live Forever Or Die Trying is a good pick-up."

Slug And Lettuce #83:
"I have to say that this label has some nice looking layout and cover designs. Birds. This is a good mix of hardcore styles that incorporate a youthful angst with some youthcrew back-ups and sing-a-longs, dual vocals which sound like a boy and girl, but are two boys shouting and screaming, which take on an almost screamo style at times. What is unexpected is the Foo Fighters cover. Decent song and all, but I can't really think of a band doing a cover song of a pop song so recent. Anyway, this is a good sound, and I like the range they have. The lyrics are nice and mostly about friendship and the bonds and connections and all the good stuff. Posi-emo heartfelt stuff, ya know. Perhaps treading into a bit of a pop-hardcore style if that makes any sense, but I like what they're doing here. Solid all around and a band that could be all the rage with the kids."- Chris

SA Hardcore:
"Honesty and passion infuse every chord and screech of this album. These guys play an indefinable style of hardcore that borrows from youth crew, breakdown tough guy hardcore, metal and melodic punk rock. The vocals are alternately screamed, shouted, spoken and sung in a mish-mash that is at the same time coherent and frantic and joyous. Lyrically, this album is a tribute to friendship and a scene that has changed their lives forever. There are no cheesy sentiments here, just straight up expression that has me singing along with every triumphant word. Each song brings a smile to my face that is hard to wipe away. This is music that speaks straight to the heart. AND they even cover 'Everlong' by the Foo Fighters, possibly one of the most touching songs I've ever heard. For fans of anything passionate." (Five Stars)
- Will