1. Consensus Emptiness And The Never Encore Obsession
2.  The Failure A Posteriori
3.  Elvis Presley's Rock And Roll War Effort
4.  The Abstraction Of Form And Function
The Initial Confessions Of

7" | INIT-17

Their four-song debut seeing vinyl for the first time. Completely remixed and remastered with stunning new artwork by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz (DAUGHTERS/Monsters In Disguise), and astonishing three-color screen printed and hand-die-cut covers. Limited to only 500 copies. Clear vinyl, too (black for mailorder!). This Canadian powerhouse plays intelligent metalcore (but not that mosh chugga style) with ex-members of SPREAD THE DISEASE. These guys also just signed to Abacus/Century Media Records.

When I first moved to Sioux Falls I went out to eat with my friend Terry Taylor one hot May night. On the way there he played me a self-released four-song EP from THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB, who was ex-members of SPREAD THE DISEASE. I loved SPREAD THE DISEASE, and the EP he played for me in his car was awesome. I tracked down an e-mail for the band to obtain a copy of the CD and to tell them how much I liked their music. To my dismay, the CD was sold out, but they had asked if Init would be interested in repressing it with new artwork and completely remastered. Who else to do the artwork but a friend of theirs, Jeremy Wabiszczewicz, who was playing in DAUGHTERS at the time. From this project he also ended up designing Init a new logo, the headless pig logo, which has graced every release from this one on.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (November 2004): 100 on black vinyl, 400 on coke bottle clear vinyl. all have screen printed die-cut covers/inserts. There are an additional 100 black vinyl copies that do not have covers and have never been released. Pressed at United Record Pressing.

out of print


Punk Planet #67:
"This really threw me for a loop. By the art, I assumed it would be indie rock. Boy was I wrong. This is straight-up, technical moshy metal. For once I don't mean that in a bad way. This is one of the best things I've heard from that genre - and it looks amazing."- Dan Agacki

Slug And Lettuce #83:
"Although I try not to judge a record by it's cover, I usually try to guess what a record is going to sound like based on how it looks. It's sort of a game I play. Anyhow, when I first pulled The Abandoned Hearts Club CD out of my review pile, I expected a quirky, indie rock kind of album. What you see is not always what you hear. The Abandoned Hearts Club play four very heavy, screamy hardcore songs ala Converge or Breather Resist on this EP. I can't quite decipher the lyrics, but I'm guessing these Canadians have a sense of humor because the cover of their record depicts a gorilla in a pirate hat and a rhinoceros/fish-looking creature in a dinghy hunting a floating brain with harpoons. I think the cover may be an ingenious visual metaphor for their music."- TNT