1. Exodus, Phobos. Exodus, Deimos
2.  Examining The Lives Of The After
3.  A Hero's Welcome
4.  Sons Against The Father
Swords Against The Father

7" | INIT-24

Omaha's best-kept secret (but not for long), BACK WHEN offer up four songs of brutal, energetic hardcore that is equal parts fast, technical, epic, and heavy. This reminds me a lot of the band EXAMINATION OF THE... before they headed down the Neurosis-style route. The members of BACK WHEN have also spent time in CAUGHT IN THE FALL, EYES OF VEROTIKA, ROBOTS DON'T CRY, EXAMINATION OF THE..., PLOSION, and STATISTICS.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (December 2004): 100 on red marble vinyl, 900 on black vinyl. Pressed at United Record Pressing.



Punk Planet #67:
"Even though Back When kindly includes the lyrics to the four tracks on this 7", understanding every word is difficult. Blame the screaming and barked vocals. Picking up the vocals' slack, the music evokes the gothic darkness of horror and fantasy stories. If you dig heavy hardcore, try Back When."- Justin Marciniak

Slug And Lettuce #83:
"This is blistering , heavy, metallic hardcore. From blast beats to breakdowns it's all furious. The drummer is a machine (in a good way) changing tempos and playing all types of crazy beats. The guitars so easily glide from metallic solos to stoner rock riffs, to fast paced hardcore, to chugga chugga breakdowns and it all works to make a pretty brutal whole. The lyrics seem to tell some sort of cryptic fantasy story but that's more of a guess statement. The artwork and layout are super pretty."- Europian