1. Lelani Ulalume (The Making Prosaic) Part 1
2.  We Are, In Fact, So Ripe
3.  Lelani Ulalume (The Riding Eyes) Part 2
4.  The Bloke. The Opium Breather
5.  Essays In The Moonlight, Dysmorphia
Lady In The Radiator

12" | INIT-28

Strict one time only pressing of my favorite EXAM release on the unpopular vinyl format. Only 327 copies, 12" on purple vinyl with all new artwork and packaging and each record has unique hand made artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: 12"s will ship via media mail.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (August 2005): 328 copies on purple vinyl (162 black covers, 23 white covers with no gold splatter, 123 white covers with gold splatter, 20 super limited hand-numbered versions that came in spray-painted thriftstore lp boxset boxes)

out of print