1. Phoenix Bodies - Sense Is Out Of Style
2.  Phoenix Bodies - The Future Of Eating
3.  Raein - Endlesstourlife

7" | INIT-30

Originally released overseas by Germany's Crucificados Pelo Sistema label, this record has been hard to obtain here in the states, which is where Init comes into play with a U.S. pressing of this split 7" between Indiana's PHOENIX BODIES who serve up two new blasts of chaos and intensity, and Italy's RAEIN, who serve up one powerful emotional screamy hardcore jam. Stunning packaging and artwork by Chris Williams of Witching Hour Records fame! Pressed on blue vinyl.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (October 2005): 1000 copies on clear blue vinyl. Second pressing (January 2013): 500 copies on coke-bottle-clear vinyl.



Heartattack #49:
"Raein, as you may know by now, is a punk band from Italy that play music that has been compared to Funeral Diner and Portraits Of Past. Their song is long, but never really lets up. It's about the enjoyment of touring and living for the day. They were a great band and an even better live show. Phoenix Bodies is a spastic, energetic punk band with two vocalists. The lyrics are sarcastic and fun but have underlying messages - they aren't just trivial. This is a repress of the European-only release that went out of print before it got to the states. It looks the same and is on blue vinyl. Phoenix Bodies tours this summer with La Quiete, so check them out is you are lucky enough to see 'em."- Chandler Briggs