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Insincerity Down To An Artform

12" | INIT-05

Originally released by Mountain CIA in 2000, nine tracks that showoff the brutal side of Forstella Ford. Strict one time only limited vinyl pressing of 330, in stickered jackets with new artwork. Sold out.

I went to the Discmakers website one day and saw that you could press 330 12"s for under $1000 before shipping or something, and was like "woah, that seems like a good deal" and thought of what I would want to put out on 12" vinyl that wasn't already on LP. I've always been a huge Forstella Ford fan, and had met them thru doing shows years earlier and decided to send them an e-mail asking if they had any interest in releasing their second full-length, "Insincerity Down To An Artform" on limited vinyl. They said yes and we threw together a similiar-looking layout and simple inexpensive packaging and the LP came out just in time for their U.S. tour with Denmark's Lack. In fact I drove to Sioux Falls from Mankato to see their show there and give them their copies of the LP, and my friends assembled the records in the car on the two and a half hour drive there and then I sat in my car outside of the house where the show was and put the stickers on the jackets. Some white trash redneck yelled at me to move my car too cause I was "in his parking spot" despite the fact that I was parked on the street on public property, what a tool.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (June 2002): 330 copies on black vinyl in stickered and hand-numbered black cardboard jackets, 8 copies on black vinyl in stickered and hand-numbered white cardboard jackets.

out of print


HeartattaCk #27:
"Nine songs of emotive and powerful melodic HC that you expect out of the Mountain Cooperative, but it's pretty original sounding and doesn't imitate previous bands in the same genre/label, which is why I'm not using a comparison. They also throw in a piano on one song. The lyrics seem abstract/personal which are sung/screamed/talked by a male."- Mike Amezcua