1. Art Of Conversation
2.  Past Life Regression
3.  Nothing
4.  Art Of Conversation
5.  Breathe
6.  Blinded
7.  Past Life Regression
8.  On Stars Our Dreams Are Born
9.  A Twisted Path
10.  10,000 Hands
11.  This Picture Was My Heart
12.  Untitled
13.  We Dance At Night
14.  Summer Solstice
15.  A Twisted Path
16.  Rocky IV
17.  Hospital Bed
18.  Winter Solstice
19.  Stuck Like Chuck
20.  Concrete Trees
21.  End Of Time
22.  Metal Mayhem
23.  We Dance At Night (Live)
24.  Breathe (Live)
25.  Nothing (Live)
26.  A Twisted Path (Live)
27.  Art Of Conversation (Demo)
28.  Winter Solstice (Demo)

CD | INIT-29

Finally, the discography from this cult Florida emotional screamy hardcore band finally sees the light of day. This CD collects the 7", the self-titled (pink) CD, and the "Jochem" CD in their entirety, plus seven unreleased songs, four live tracks, and the original two song demo tape! A one-time pressing of 1000 copies.

Pressing Info:
1000 copies