1. Violator
2.  Glass Bullet
3.  Heads Up
4.  New Abuse
5.  Blowing Smoke
Glass Bullet

7" | INIT-07

The vinyl version of the 5-song CD-EP released on Converge's Deathwish Inc. label. Five songs, one-part metal, one-part hardcore; ex-members of Floodplain, Caligari, and the singer from Threadbare! This Sioux Falls 5-piece plays incredibly heavy metal-influenced hardcore. Same five songs, vinyl format, much cheaper than the CD version, too. Blue vinyl is sold out, black vinyl still available!

Terry from the Blinding Light, who was also in Caligari at the time, sent me a demo of The Blinding Light, his new band with a fellow ex-member of Floodplain, another member of Caligari, and the ex-vocalist of Threadbare. He said they were looking for labels to release something. It was good, and I said I would be down, and then he said they were going to be working with Jake from Converge's label, Deathwish Inc. who would be remastering and releasing the demo as a 5-song CD. Somewhere along the way, I offered to do a vinyl version. 10"s were out of my price range, so a 5-song 7" is what was agreed upon and that's what you have. For like half the price of the CD version too, it's the format to go with.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (November 2002): 100 on blue vinyl, 400 on black vinyl. Pressed at United Record Pressing.

out of print


Maximum Rock N Roll #239:
"Crunchy distorted guitars, screaming hoarse vocals, double kick drum attack, chugga-chugga lines; all this adds up to some grind-influenced hardcore that really doesn't do too much for me at this moment. It's thick-sounding, it's near-violent, it's got plenty metal-influenced leads, it could be the next thing you get into."- WM