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7" Picture Disc | INIT-35

Four brand new songs from Seattle's THE ASSAILANT, who play heavy and technical hardcore similiar to bands like Botch and Deadguy. Pressed on a beautiful two-sided full-color 7" picture disc with new artwork by Daniel Danger, and wrapped in a black foil-stamped strip that serves as a lyric sheet and insert. Limited to only 666 copies.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (July 2006): 666 picture discs



Give Me Back #52:
"First and foremost, the packaging on this 7" is fantastic. Well done usage of the picture disc format isn't easy to pull off, but this artwork warrants immortality within vinyl itself. Along with that comes a small metallic foil-stamped insert that includes lyrics and information inside. Formalities aside, the music on this is unsurprisingly crushing, considering Init Records' pedigree of abnormally heavy bands. This definitely resides in the "metalcore" or "tech-metal" sub-sub-sub genres where it's all a blur and Botch and Deadguy become even more distant as the influence's influencers. What this means in the end is that while this is well done, it really has been done time and time again already. This shouldn't be discouragement to new fans of the metallic hardcore styles within (as this is quite well done), but for folks who've heard this kind of genre-meshing before, there just isn't much new here for you."- Andy Low