1. Let Them Play
2.  Only The Nerds Got Pissed
3.  Agent/Boyfriend
4.  "Man, I Love The Beatles"
5.  Kind Of Like Some Kind Of Monster
6.  Fallin' Back On Dat Azz (Falling Back On That Ass)
No Money, No Problems

12" | INIT-38

It seems that Tornavalanche has once again struck paydirt with their newest EP "No Money, No Problems", a split release with Init Records and Level Plane Records. The double drummer action of Tornavalanche, sets a furious pace that the guitar players can barely keep up with. At times Tornavalanche's "No Money, No Problems" seems slightly derivative of Ten Grand or Forstella Ford, but evidently members of Tornavalanche did session work with these bands in the late '90s and into this century. "No Money, No Problems" sets a gold standard for the 2006 hardcore/indie/noise/double drummer genre, and considering the impending bull market in gold, you would be very wise to purchase multiple copies of this album.

PLEASE NOTE: 12"s will ship via media mail in the U.S.; airmail to Europe/U.K.

Pressing Info:
First pressing (October 2006): 100 copies on orange vinyl with blue splatter (Init mailorder), 100 copies on blue vinyl with orange splatter (Level Plane/29 North mailorder), 300 copies on black vinyl.

out of print