1. Ten Grand - X-tacy Of Desire
2.  Meth & Goats - Dope Tantrum
3.  Meth & Goats - She Murdered Everything In Sight

7" | INIT-08

The final release from Ten Grand finally sees the light of day. One unreleased Ten Grand jam and two unreleased Meth And Goats songs.

So Joel from Ten Grand (the Vidablue still at that time) says to me at a show, that they are going to do a split 7" with this band from the Quad Cities called Meth And Goats. He said M+G had a label, Plow City Records but Joel said he only wanted to do it if I was involved. He was probably just saying that because I constantly bugged them to let me put out another record for them. So I agreed. Plow City Records dropped off because the couple running it were getting divorced or something. And then there was the whole name-change incident and then Matt couldn't remember the lyrics and Bob redid the artwork, and then nobody had a master, so Steve Roche had to send me a copy, and then I had to make an MP3 of the song and send it to Bob to send to Matt so Matt could write down lyrics to the song and Bob could make the insert. And finally, in August I got the artwork from Bob. All of you kids who have been waiting for two years for this can finally have it. The songs from both bands totally rip. I just wish Matt was still alive to see this come out...

Pressing Info:
First pressing (February 2004): 100 on green vinyl, 900 on black vinyl. Pressed at United Record Pressing.



HeartattaCk #42:
"Ten Grand offers up one mellow song with a lot of deep tones. Their melancholy vibe and jangly guitar brings back early nineties emo bands like Bob Tilton or Current. The song has lots of hooks and seems to get more interesting with each listen, until each crescendo and crash that at first seemed soft become powerful. Meth & Goats plays two songs. The first one talks about population. The sound is a little rough around the edges, but has all the elements of an indie band. A little bit of sass and a little bit of rock in each song. The second song seems to be about hurting people (within the theme of interpersonal relationships). They are both written so you don't really understand them anyway. This band reminds me more of the Indian Summer style. For those with a taste of the milder things, this split 7" has a lot to offer."- Lisa Oglesby

Collective Zine:
"I presume this will be the last ever song that Ten Grand release. Luckily it's a fine note to go out on. "X-Tacy of Desire" is a moody emo song that gradually twinkles out of the blocks with a bass heavy prototype intro from the days of Indian Summer and Embassy, before the song builds up into a lumbering track with Matt Davis' impassioned vocals being spilled out over everything. Lots of crying and desperation present here. The production means the vocals are hidden a bit behind the snaking guitars and a bit of distortion, but that doesn't detract. The record comes with an insert dedicated to Matt, I am glad that this note was put inside this here record and it wasn't just released as yet another record that for emo kids to hide away in their collections and forget about. Meth and Goats have a go at being "the other band", I am not familiar with them at all, but they make a good job of playing a kind of herky-jerky post-hardcore thing that recalls various DC stylings and something else that I can't quite put my finger on, perhaps it is Bright Calm Blue. The first track moves smartly between momentarily downbeat moments and pulsing rhythms with relative ease, also throwing in a spoken vocal part over a breakdown that is very Bob Tilton-esque before it springs back into life with the words being venomously spat all over the shop. The second is also explosive with angry shouting and a great groove. These guys are pretty emo. Good release."- Andy Malcolm