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My web host no longer supports the PHP that this website was made with like 15 years ago. New website coming soon, but in the meantime, follow the label on Facebook and Instagram (links above) for all the latest news and release info!

Init Records HQ is moving across the river to Minneapolis. Please allow a few extra weeks for mailorders to be processed.

Both the NORTHLESS "Last Bastion Of Cowardice" CD and FERAL LIGHT "Void/Sanctify" LP are now out and all pre-orders have shipped! There are still copies available in the webstore. These will be the last two releases of 2017. We will bring in 2018 with a very limited vinyl pressing of WOMAN IS THE EARTH "This Place That Contains My Spirit" LP and a split 7" between KRIEG and VEGAS.

The first of many Fall/Winter 2017 announcements is that pre-orders are now live for the brand new full-length CD from Milwaukee's NORTHLESS, titled Last Bastion Of Cowardice. This is by far the most extreme and uncomfortable sounding album the band has done in their 10 year existence. CD comes packaged in a full color digipak with 12-page booklet. Vinyl is available from our friends at Gilead Media and Halo Of Flies Records and cassette is out on Hand Of Death Records.

WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Thaw" 12" preorders are up now. 300 copies on blue/gold swirl vinyl, cut at 45RPM and packaged in a standard jacket with two-sided insert. Co-released with Sick Man Getting Sick Records for the bands' first-ever European tour in June 2017. All orders will ship around June 23rd, following the completion of the tour. Still hot: HEXIS "Tando Ashanti" CD, SUMA "The Order Of Things" CD, SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" CD/LP.

SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" LP preorders are up now. Ships in three weeks. This U.S. pressing comes housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with bronze foil stamping. Available on black or clear vinyl. In April we will release the amazing and brutal brand new full-length from HEXIS on CD format. In June we will release a new 3-song EP from WOMAN IS THE EARTH on a limited edition tour-only 12" for their European tour and also on CD format.

SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" CD and SUMA "The Order Of Things" CDs are shipping this week. You can also pre-order the SUMA on LP. I will have 100 copies on black vinyl of the 2xLP set packaged in a gatefold jacket with insert, released on Throne Records, and Init is the exclusive place to purchase this release in North America. SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" LP will be coming towards the end of the year. More updates soon, keep checking back!

GREAT FALLS "Hoarding" CD is out and available now in the webstore. This CD compiles the bands out of print demos, vinyl only tracks from their split 7" (including their split with THOU), EP's, and even an unreleased track. Limited to 150 copies only and packaged in a color quality digipak. There's also a special bundle where you can get this CD + "The Fever Shed" CD with a limited edition letter pressed obi-strip.

SOON: SUMA "The Order Of Things" CD, SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" CD/LP.

The repress of MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" has arrived. We have 300 on fluorescent green vinyl, and 300 on opaque brown vinyl. This pressing has updated layout and the covers are printed on slightly heavier cardstock.

All WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Torch Of Our Final Night" LP pre-orders have been shipped out. The cassette tape version is already sold out but the CD is still available. This has been receiving positive press all over, including an upfront profile in the current issue of Decibel Magazine.

We are running low on a few things, including the cassette and vinyl versions of the WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" album. Don't snooze. Plenty of CD's to go around still.

We have repressed the YEAR OF NO LIGHT "Vampyr" CD after being out of print for approximately a year or so. 500 more copies, identical to the first pressing.

GREAT FALLS "The Fever Shed" is available in a very limited digipak CD. We only made 150 of them. And in a few weeks we will have copies of the GREAT FALLS collection CD titled "Hoarding", also a limited edition digipak pressing of 150 CD's. We will also be offering a limited edition bundle with letterpress obi-strip once the CD's are ready for order.

For the first time in 10 years we have Init Records logo t-shirts available in the webstore. White ink on quality American Apparel brand t-shirts. Sizes S-XL currently available.


We'll be launching preorders and some other exciting news about our next release and first of 2016: WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Torch Of Our Final Night" on March 1st. The album will be available on CD/gatefold LP/super limited cassette and more details will be revealed soon. Other things to look forward to in the near future: WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" super limited cassette release // GREAT FALLS "The Fever Shed" limited edition digipak CD // GREAT FALLS "Hoarding" limited edition digipak CD // MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" repress // plus a limited run of Init Records t-shirts and maybe even a new website. Stay tuned!

All pre-orders for the KEN MODE/THE ATLAS MOTH split 7"s have shipped. Just received word that the GREAT FALLS "The Fever Shed" LP's are arriving at HQ on Monday, and all pre-orders will be shipped immediately. There are still copies of both of these releases on multiple colors of limited edition vinyl in webstore. Thanks for everyone who supported Init Records in 2015!

THE ATLAS MOTH/KEN MODE split 7"s have arrived from the plant. The pink/yellow starburst vinyl came out as orange marble. And life goes on. All preorders begin shipping on Monday. We are still waiting for the GREAT FALLS "The Fever Shed" LP's to arrive from the plant, but check back soon for updates on the arrival of those.

BLOOD FOLKE LP's have arrived from the plant, and all pre-orders have been shipped. THE GREAT FALLS LP's should be shipping mid-November and we are still awaiting a date for the KEN MODE/THE ATLAS MOTH split 7"s, although the limited color vinyl is almost sold out via pre-orders, so don't delay if you want the limited vinyl colorway.

ROSETTA "Quintessential Ephemera" CD's have arrived from the plant. These will be in stores worldwide on June 29th. All preorders will ship on Monday, and you can still get this in the online store and they will ship immediately.

Next three releases: BLOOD FOLKE "My Heart In The Brilliance Of Fire" LP, ROSETTA "Quintessential Ephemera" CD, GREAT FALLS "The Fever Shed" LP. Preorders for all will be up sooner than later, keep checking back!

KRIEG "Transient" LP+7" and WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" gatefold LP have arrived from the plant. Preorders have begun shipping. The KRIEG LP is almost sold out in all colorways. Big updates and announcements very soon!

KRIEG "Transient" LP+7" and WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" LP are pressed and currently en route to me from the pressing plants. All preorders will be filled as soon as stock arrives. In the meantime, you can still preorder copies, including a handful of limited edition vinyl colors in the online store!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Init Records will launch pre-orders for the new KRIEG album "Transient" within a week. This is a 12"+7" set, limited to 500 copies on three vinyl colorways. After this, look for the WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" on vinyl, a BLOOD FOLKE LP, and a new full-length LP from GREAT FALLS.

There are a few releases almost out of print, and with the exception of three or four releases, we will never repress any back catalog titles moving forward. Head to the webstore and make an order!

Init Records is in the process of moving, so please be aware there may be a 2-4 week delay on all mailorders. Once the move is complete, the next batch of Init releases for 2014 will begin, which include releases from BLOOD FOLKE, WOMAN IS THE EARTH, KRIEG, and GREAT FALLS. Hopefully a website revamp will also happen shortly. Stay tuned!

THE HOWLING WIND "Vortex" CD is now available. The follow up to their superb critically-acclaimed 2012 album, "Of Babalon" released on Profound Lore. 500 copies packaged in a 6-panel digipak.

The KRIEG "Isolation/Transmission" 7" is up in the webstore and both versions are shipping now! We only have a very small handful of the Record Store Day versions on orange vinyl (limited to 500), so don't miss out. It is also available in a deluxe version on purple vinyl with a vinyl sticker, download, and 1" button limited to 166 copies. Up next: THE HOWLING WIND "Vortex" CD, BLOOD FOLKE CD, WOMAN IS THE EARTH LP, and at least two more exciting summer/fall releases!

My favorite annual holiday, Record Store Day, is just around the corner (Saturday, April 19th). Init Records is proud to participate for the third time, with an exclusive two-song 7" from U.S. black metal legends KRIEG! This 7" features two brand new songs that show heavy post-punk influence and a Factory Records-esque jacket. There are 500 orange vinyl copies exclusively available at independent record stores worldwide. Make sure you ask at your local store NOW so they can order it. Cobraside is our official distributor, and if you let your local store know that, it will help them get it for you. After Record Store Day is said and done this year, there will be a very limited die-hard mailorder version of the KRIEG 7" exclusively through the Init Records webstore. This version is limited to 166 on purple vinyl and comes with a download of the two songs, a vinyl sticker, and a 1" button. More info on that as soon as Record Store Day is over. Thanks to every independent record store that stocks Init Records releases and thanks to everyone who buys Init releases at their local store!

KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP reissue pre-orders have started shipping. I expect all to have been shipped by the week's end. The white vinyl has less than 10 left from us, but our exclusive distributor, Cobraside will have white copies available as well as black copies.

WOMAN IS THE EARTH is featured in the Hell Awaits column on Pitchfork today.

Init Records is proud to offer the third album from South Dakota's WOMAN IS THE EARTH, who play atmospheric and epic black metal. "Depths" is now available on CD for mailorder, and will be available worldwide in distros and stores on April 1st. A limited vinyl pressing will be available early summer. Next up: THE HOWLING WIND CD, KRIEG 7", followed by some represses and such.

The PRIMITIVE MAN/XAPHAN splits have arrived from the plant. They look and sound fantastic, packaged in a quality gatefold 7" sleeve and pressed on three colors of vinyl. Stores and distributors should have these within the next two weeks. And all preorders will ship by the weekend's end! Thanks to all who preordered for their support as well as their patience.

There are a bunch of new releases right around the corner: KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP reissue (pre-orders will launch this Sunday 2/16/14). Then we have full-lengths from WOMAN IS THE EARTH and THE HOWLING WIND as well as a special limited edition Record Store Day 7" release from USBM legends KRIEG!

The PRIMITIVE MAN/XAPHAN split 7"s have shipped from the plant and should arrive at the Init Records HQ this week or next. Once they are arrived and assembled, all preorders will begin shipping immediately. The half-white/half-black split vinyl color is sold out, but we have plenty of white vinyl and black vinyl copies available. There is a chance more split-color vinyl will be put up for sale, once all orders are filled and shipped. KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP preorders are going up sometime this week. Then look for a KRIEG Record Store Day 7", THE HOWLING WIND "Vortex" CD, and WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" CD/LP to follow shortly thereafter. Thanks for all the support so far this year!

PRIMITIVE MAN/XAPHAN split 7" pre-orders are up now. Records should ship 2-4 weeks from now. There are three color options, two of which are limited, so check them out! This is PRIMITIVE MAN's first release since the release of their Relapse Records debut (and on my top album list of 2013) and this is XAPHAN's first proper physical release, if you haven't heard them yet, they play some awesome down-tuned hardcore with members of THREADBARE, DISEMBODIED, 108, and THE BLINDING LIGHT. Next up: website overhaul, KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP, THE HOWLING WIND "Vortex" CD, WOMAN IS THE EARTH CD/LP, BLOOD FOLKE CD, KRIEG 7", KINGDOM LP and more TBA. Stay tuned.

New releases just around the corner: PRIMTIVE MAN/XAPHAN split 7", KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP reissue, and WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" CD/LP. Stay tuned for preorder information and limited vinyl options.

Also down to less than five copies of THE BLINDING LIGHT "Glass Bullet" 7", BATTLEFIELDS "Stained With The Blood Of An Empire" CD, and BUILDING BETTER BOMBS "Freak Out Squares" CD/LP. So last call if you want copies of those releases!

AMENRA "Live" CD will be available for mailorder this week. Stores and distributors will have copies in two weeks. Also, we're down to the final copies of the MELT-BANANA 7"s. We just repressed the 3" CD for the band's current U.S. tour that started today. We tried to repress the 7" too, but the plant lost the parts, so we're working on a repress, but if you want a glow-in-the-dark vinyl version, this is your final chance.

Beginning immediately, Init Records releases and back catalog will be exclusively distributed worldwide by Cobraside Distribution. I am very excited to join the Cobraside exclusive label roster and this move should make it a little easier to find Init releases at stores worldwide!

FOR WANT OF "Smoke" 10" pre-orders have all shipped. There's about 10 copies left for mailorders on color vinyl, so if you don't want black vinyl, don't delay. Working on tons of exciting stuff, so stay tuned.

YEAR OF NO LIGHT "Vampyr" CD pre-orders have all shipped. Stores and distros will have this in September. Pressing of 500 copies. FOR WANT OF "Smoke" 10" pre-orders should ship in approximately 1 week.

Apparently there is an issue with Media Mail shipping in the webstore, because of a USPS update. If you check out with Priority mail I can refund the difference, or if you wait, it should be fixed sometime today, I am being told.

YEAR OF NO LIGHT preorders should be shipping any day. FOR WANT OF 10"s to follow shortly thereafter. AMENRA preorders have been delayed to a glitch in the artwork, but the discs themselves are done, and if you ordered the AMENRA with any other items, you'll receive two shipments.

PRE-ORDER UPDATES: Year of no light CD's should be here any day, just waiting for them to show up from the plant and preorders will ship immediately. Amenra CD discs are done, but there was a snag in the packaging department, we are awaiting new art files and they will get done promptly. For Want Of 10"s tests were approved and pressing is commencing.

One more pre-order launch: for the 8-song 10" from Austin, TX hardcore band FOR WANT OF. A blistering set of 8 tracks in 13 minutes of intelligent and political hardcore, both screamy and melodic at parts, sort of like a mixture between AMPERE and HOT CROSS. Packaged in a full color jacket with 2-sided insert. First pessing is limited to 100 copies on smoke "haze" vinyl and 200 black vinyl. Includes coupon for MP3 of the entire record. Check out the webstore - Init only has 50 color vinyl copies available for mailorder!

If you are waiting for your AMENRA and/or YEAR OF NO LIGHT pre-orders, we should be shipping those soon, just waiting for them to arrive from the pressing plant!

We are now taking pre-orders for the next two CD releases: AMENRA "Live" CD and YEAR OF NO LIGHT "Vampyr" CD. Both are limited edition pressings of 500 copies each. And both should be shipping at the end of June. After that we'll be taking pre-orders for the new 10" from FOR WANT OF. Then we'll finish the summer out with some more vinyl releases to be announced shortly. Thank you for All of your continued support!

There's a handful of THE ATLAS MOTH/WOLVHAMMER split 7" from Record Store Day leftover and available in the webstore. Along with the new full-length CD from ROMAN SHIPS (ex-SINKING STEPS RISING EYES). Up next is a AMENRA Live CD and a YEAR OF NO LIGHT Vampyr CD. Also, Init Records just relocated to Saint Paul, MN so give us an extra week or two for mailorders while we get settled and reorganized.

Init Records is super excited to announce the release of a split 7" between THE ATLAS MOTH and WOLVHAMMER to be released exclusively on Record Store Day, Saturday April 20, 2013! Each band does a cover song, previously available on a digital-only compilation. There will only be 500 copies of this, all on color vinyl, and packaged in a full color sleeve. Ask for it NOW at your local independent record store - tell them they can get it from ILD ( A bunch of stuff at the pressing plant, including the new CD/LP from ROMAN SHIPS (ex-SINKING STEPS RISING EYES), and a limited edition live CD from AMENRA!

Init Records is celebrating 12 years of the label with a HUGE super sale in the all-new webstore. Tons of $1 CD's/7"s and $5 LP's plus other sale stuff across the board. This sale goes through the end of Wednesday, March 6th, so don't snooze! New releases just around the corner, including a super limited edition split 7" for Record Store Day!

Init Records celebrates 12 years this month. We have launched a brand-new webstore and have a couple awesome releases in the works for 2013, which will be announced soon. We will also be running some killer sales in the online store between now and the end of the month, so be sure to keep checking the store!

All pre-orders for the IN LOVING MEMORY LP has shipped. There are a few overrun shirts/buttons/stickers available while they last in the webstore. Next up is a limited edition repress of the PHOENIX BODIES/RAEIN split 7" in time for RAEIN's January 2013 West Coast tour with LOMA PRIETA. This pressing will be limited to 500 copies and on coke-bottle-clear vinyl. Pre-orders are up now in the webstore!

Nine years in the works, and the IN LOVING MEMORY "Discography" is finally seeing the light on vinyl (CD+DVD format coming in 2013). 300 copies on color vinyl. Pre-orders are up now in the webstore along with a special pre-order add-on package with a t-shirt, button, and sticker. The vinyl and covers are already at the Init HQ and currently just awaiting the arrival of the inserts and stickers. This will start shipping to mailorder customers at the end of November!

The AMENRA "Mass III-II + Mass IIII" 2xCD has finally been repressed and is in stock and shipping next week. A handful of people preordered one, which is always greatly appreciated.

If you missed this amazing collection of Belgium's AMENRA's 2005 and 2008 full-lengths (along with bonus tracks from Mass II and a bonus track previously only released on vinyl, all remastered), then you need to grab this while it's available again. This second pressing has slightly different artwork but it is still housed in a beautiful matte-finish custom "Z-fold" digipak with slipcase. AMENRA is currently working on their follow-up to these albums, "Mass V" on Neurot Recordings in 2013.

Seriously, I cannot speak highly enough of this band; everything the members of this collective group are involved in is fantastic: OATHBREAKER, KINGDOM, HIVE DESTRUCTION, THE BLACK HEART REBELLION, and SYNDROME to name a few. Check all of these bands out!

Now available: THE BLUE LETTER "Love Is Not Control" CD and 2xLP. Vinyl comes in three colorways and is limited to 500 copies total. Thirteen songs of down-tempo screamy hardcore for fans of ENVY and CULT OF LUNA. Recorded by Chris Dowhan (Giant/Brave Young, Antlers, Becoming The Archetype, etc.) and featuring original artwork by Michael Repasch-Nieves (of Junius), the album is arranged like a traditional five act play—a fitting way to tell the dramatic story that unfolds in 75 minutes. Packaging is top-notch for both formats, the vinyl being a double LP set with a poster insert with all printing on matte stock and the CD coming in a full color gatefold wallet with booklet, both with matte printing.

Also at the pressing plant is the long-awaited repress of the AMENRA "Mass III-II + Mass IIII" 2xCD. The new pressing has slightly tweaked artwork, and will be here in a few weeks for all of the people e-mailing about getting copies over the past year or so that it has been out of print.

Pre-orders are up for the second full-length from Richmond's THE BLUE LETTER. Available as a single CD or as a deluxe 2xLP set with a couple different color vinyl options. They are on a massive U.S. tour currently!

This website has been greatly neglected. Apologies. Init has been alive and active even if this website hasn't been.

There's new stuff out: SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE/LOOM split 7" for starters. In the next few months we'll have a new CD/2xLP from THE BLUE LETTER; The newest EP from BATTLEFIELDS, "Agassiz" on 12" vinyl (CD out NOW!); a repress of the AMENRA "Mass III-II + Mass IIII" 2xCD with updated artwork, and a few other jams.

The webstore has a bunch of rarities, restocks, and distro items added to it with new stuff being added all the time.

We also have a bandcamp site at where you can stream all of our releases for free, and download them very cheap if you would like to support our cause. We have about 1/3 of our catalog up at Bandcamp currently, but hope to have everything up very soon!

Waiting on patches & buttons for BATTLEFIELDS preorders. They should show up any day and then preorders are going out...

KIDCRASH "Naps" 12" preorders are shipping now. There's approximately 200 preorders and one of me, so please be patient while everything gets packaged up and mailed out.

KIDCRASH "Naps" one-sided 12" pre-orders are up now in the webstore. First pressing of 500 copies includes 100 half-white/half-black vinyl, 200 white vinyl, and 200 black vinyl copies. The 12" includes a coupon for a digital download of the entire EP as well!

Pre-orders for both the KIDCRASH "Naps" one-sided 12" and the BATTLEFIELDS "Agassiz" CD (LP coming later) will be launched next week in the webstore!

SINKING STEPS RISING EYES and CASTLE are both doing reunions at this year's Init Fest on Sunday, July 17th at The Vault in Sioux Falls, SD. Other bands playing are KEN MODE, BATTLEFIELDS, and SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE. All ages, 6PM, be there if you are in the midwest.

Copies of the WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE/P.O.S split 7" from Record Store Day are available in the webstore along with our brand new release, a split 10" between AMENRA and HIVE DESTRUCTION which comes packaged in a screen printed sleeve on clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Also, the third INIT FEST will take place on Sunday, July 17th at The Vault in Sioux Falls, SD. SINKING STEPS RISING EYES will be doing a reunion along with a release of new 2-song 7" available only at the show. Also playing is KEN MODE, BATTLEFIELDS, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE, CASTLE (reunion doing the entire "Electric Wolves" EP), and more TBA.

Init Records is excited to announce a limited edition split 7" from WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE and P.O.S. (with Big Cats!) to be released on Record Store Day, April 16, 2011. Each artist does one new exclusive song. 1500 black vinyl copies available exclusively at independent record stores across North America. There will also be a 500 copy color vinyl pressing available exclusively from the artists on tour and a handful for mailorders available in May. For a list of independent record stores, please visit

Pre-orders for the KEN MODE LP and HIVE DESTRUCTION CD are up now in the on-line store! There's only 50 brown vinyl KEN MODE LP's for mailorders, so don't snooze! Going to announce the Init Records exclusive Record Store Day 2011 split 7" release next week!

Next up on Init is the new full-length from KEN MODE pressed on vinyl, coming in March. This LP is packaged in a gatefold cover with alternate artwork than the CD (coming out at the same time on the Profound Lore label) and includes an MP3 download of the entire album! Limited to 500 copies, 100 of which are on brown marble vinyl exclusive to mailorders! The band is heading out on a U.S. tour in March and will have copies with them!

Also coming in March is a CD from Belgium's HIVE DESTRUCTION titled "Secretvm/Veritas". This heavy instrumental metal band features an ex-member of AMENRA and should appeal to all fans of AMENRA, OLD MAN GLOOM, PELICAN, and NEUROSIS. They incorporate lots of layers and samples which sets them apart from the current wave of instrumental metal and heavy post-rock bands. "Secretvm/Veritas" clocks in at 60 minutes, and collects both the band's self-released demo CD's along with two brand new exclusive songs. All packaged in a beautiful colorful eco gatefold jacket.

Then in April I am super stoked to announce a limited edition split 7" exclusive to independent record stores as part of the 2011 Record Store Day. The bands on this split will be announced soon! Also on the horizon for 2011: AMENRA/HIVE DESTRUCTION split 10", KIDCRASH brand new four-song 12", THE BLUE LETTER CD/LP, BATTLEFIELDS CD/LP, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE/LOOM split 7", and a few other things in the works! Also hoping to finally get the PHOENIX BODIES "Cobra Commander" 7", PHOENIX BODIES/LA QUIETE split 7", and IN LOVING MEMORY "Discography" CD+DVD/LP out too this year!

SUGARTOWN CABARET "Beyond Foams" CD is finally officially out in stores worldwide! Mailorder now because it's only $6.00 + shipping. Or pick a copy up at stores and distributors. Vinyl version coming early 2011. Features current and ex-members of Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort, and Karysun. And if you like any of the aforementioned bands or bands like Kidcrash, Raein, La Quiete, etc. be sure to check this album out!!

Sorry for lack of updates. If you haven't picked up the CHIBALO LP yet you should get on it. Seriously, go check out some tracks at their Myspace page and then order the record. Strictly limited to 300 copies and Init has less than 100 left for mailorders!

Next up is the release of the new full-length from France's SUGARTOWN CABARET. Featuring current and former members of AMANDA WOODWARD, AUSSITOT MORT, and KARYSUN you know it's going to be good. And it is. The album is called "Beyond Foams" and it the band's second full-length. The CD is available NOW via mailorder and in stores and distributors worldwide on November 16th! The vinyl version will be out Spring 2011.

Final bit of news is that BURIED INSIDE is playing their last show ever on Saturday, November 13th in their hometown of Ottawa. I am totally bummed they decided to break up shortly after Init reissued their third album, "Chronoclast" on high quality limited edition vinyl, however, I am stoked that I am able to make it to Ottawa for their last show. If all of the stars are in alignment there will be a super limited edition screen printed version of "Chronoclast" exclusively available at their last show. You can find more info on the show at the Facebook event page

Got lots of awesome things planned for 2011 to celebrate 10 years of Init Records so stay tuned for more news as it gets closer to the new year!

CHIBALO self-titled LP now available. Limited to 300 copies, of which only 150 available through Init. Ex-members of SONG OF ZARATHUSTRA, KILLSADIE, etc., etc. Includes digital download. This album is awesome, preview some tracks at: then head to the mailorder section and order it.

Full-page feature on WOLVHAMMER in the brand new issue of Decibel Magazine. I'm still waiting for my subscription copy to show up but you should head to the newsstand/bookstore and pick up a copy, and then head over to our webstore and pick up a copy of the debut full-length CD from WOLVHAMMER "Black Marketeers Of World War III"!

Two new releases hit record stores, music retailers, distributors, iTunes and other digital outlets tomorrow, Tuesday, July 13th. First up is the sophomore release from metal thrashers HAMMERLORD called "Wolves At War's End". The other title is the debut full-length from Minneapolis blackened metal band WOLVHAMMER titled "Black Marketeers Of World War III". Please check them out and support your local independent record store as much as possible. If your local store doesn't stock them, tell them to special order it for you; if you don't have a local store, head over to the Init Records webstore. Thanks to all who support the label!

The THOU/THE CITY IS THE TOWER split LP's have arrived. All pre-orders have been mailed out, there is still a handful of red vinyl copies left. Remember this LP won't hit stores and distros until August, so mailorder it if you don't want to wait. THOU just came through town with an equally awesome band called MOLOCH and the show was great, both bands played awesome sets. THOU also had tour copies of their new full-length "Summit" for sale with them, it is also coming out in August on Gilead Media (CD) and Southern Lord (LP) and it is a fantastic album, so pick it up.

Just got word from the pressing plant that the THOU/THE CITY IS THE TOWER split LP's have shipped. About 1/2 of the red vinyl copies have been sold. All preorders will begin shipping by the end of next week. Thank you to everyone who has preordered this amazing records and for being so patient.

The postal worker delivered my monthly issue of Decibel Magazine today (issue #70) and I was stoked to find the new WOLVHAMMER "Black Marketeers Of World War III" CD listed on two of the staff members "Now Slaying" lists. This band is starting to generate quite a bit of buzz, so be sure to check them out and order the new CD, you can only get it from Init Records direct until it arrives in stores, distros, and digital outlets on July 13th.


WOLVHAMMER "Black Marketeers Of World War III" CD's have arrived. They won't be available in stores and distributors or digital avenues until July 13th, but they are available for mailorder now and will ship immediately! Be the first to own this incredible full-length debut from this Minneapolis band: "Black Marketeers of World War III is a textural, monolithic display of modern black metal. With styles ranging from 3 minute punk infused thrash jams, to 8 minute lush, blackened opuses, BMWWIII is bound to turn heads. The production credits to the record read like a who’s who in modern heavy music. With Sanford Parker (MINSK, NACHTMYSTIUM, TWILIGHT) at the board, Colin Jordan (MINISTRY, PIGFACE) handling mastering duties, and Stavros Giannopoulos (THE ATLAS MOTH) in charge of layout and design, WOLVHAMMER clearly pulled out all the stops to deliver an overwhelming debut." Comes packaged in a digipak made from 100% recycled materials.

Also test pressings came today for the THOU/THE CITY IS THE TOWER split LP. THOU gives us two jams: a brand new song and an AGENTS OF OBLIVION cover, while THE CITY IS THE TOWER gives us three songs of their catchy blend of screamy hardcore. Packaged in reverse print jackets with heavy printed interior sleeves. Pre-orders are going up sometime tonight: 200 red vinyl, 800 black vinyl. I don't expect the red vinyl to stick around very long.

The new HAMMERLORD full-length, "Wolves At War's End" is now available, head to the mailorder page and get your copy! HAMMERLORD burst onto the metal scene in 2008 with their unique blend of thrash metal and hardcore, played by weathered veterans of the aggressive metal scene, with members serving time in THE BLINDING LIGHT and THE ESOTERIC. Their self-titled full-length received a moderate amount of college radio play and postive reviews from publications across the globe, including Fangora and HAMMERLORD's sophomore follow up, Wolves At War's End, picks up where the last album left off with their blend of 80's thrash and 90's hardcore.

Summer is upon us and releases are going to start trickling in at the Init HQ. In the next couple weeks we will have two new full-lengths available for mailorder (in stores & digital in July): first up is the sophomore effort from Lawrence, KS metal powerhouse HAMMERLORD, featuring nine new tracks of their energetic and blistering hardcore-influenced thrash metal. Next up is the debut from Minneapolis black metalers WOLVHAMMER, recorded with Sanford Parker (MINSK, NACHTMYSTIUM) this is an album that will be turning heads. Shortly after those look for the THOU/THE CITY IS THE TOWER split 12" which is a split release with Hyperrealist Records, as well as a new CD from NANDA DEVI and an LP from CHIBALO (ex-SONG OF ZARATHUSTRA/KILLSADIE)!

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "The Name Of The Snake" is now out and available on both CD and LP. All preorders have been shipped! The LP comes on either white vinyl (ltd to 200) or 150 gram black vinyl (ltd to 300) and the CD has three bonus tracks from the band's "September Songs" 12" remastered and available digitally for the first time. This album will be in stores and distributors and all digital outlets worldwide on May 11th.

Pre-orders for the SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "The Name Of The Snake" CD's will start shipping this week. LP's are still a couple weeks away from shipping. Both formats will be available worldwide in distros, record stores, digital avenues, and wherever else you purchase your music on May 11th.

On the horizon... new NANDA DEVI, HAMMERLORD and WOLVHAMMER full-lengths, CHIBALO LP (ex-Song Of Zarathustra/Killsadie), and a couple 7"s from PHOENIX BODIES! And the long-awaited IN LOVING MEMORY CD+DVD/LP will finally see the light of day in July for the bands reunion shows!

Pre-orders are up now in the webstore for SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "The Name Of The Snake" CD/LP. CD's will start shipping at the end of next week, and LP's a couple weeks after that. LP is limited to 500 copies on 150 gram vinyl, 200 on white and 300 on black. CD contains 3 remastered bonus tracks which originally appeared on the "September Songs" 12" on the awesome Protagonist Music.

Also, the second pressing of the MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" is almost done. 700 black vinyl, 300 glow-in-the-dark vinyl. You can preorder a glow vinyl copy in the webstore now, I don't expect them to last very long! These should ship in about 3-4 weeks.

There's about 50 of the 200 burgundy/white vinyl copies of BURIED INSIDE "Chronoclast" LP left. If you want one, now's the time to order. There are plenty of 180 gram black vinyl left.

I recently found a handful of items and vinyl colors that haven't been in the webstore for quite some time... TORNAVALANCHE LP's in orange & blue splatter, PHOENIX BODIES/RAEIN 7"s and PHOENIX BODIES/TYRANNY OF SHAW 7"s, TOWERS LP's on orange vinyl, etc. as well as some INIT FEST Aaron Horkey posters. They are all in the webstore for sale - along with a bunch of great package deals and sale items, please check them out and spread the word!

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA will unleash their brand new full-length "The Name Of The Snake" onto the world in April courtesy of Init Records. Recorded at Sound Of Music by John Morand and featuring great artwork by Sasha Barr, this album is a must-have for fans of instrumental rock and metal. The LP is limited to 500 copies (200 white vinyl, 300 black vinyl - all on 150 gram vinyl). The CD comes packaged in a digipak with three bonus tracks: the "September Songs" 12" tracks remastered and available digitally for the first time! Preorders will be going up in a couple weeks for both formats.

Finally, the MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" is being repressed, the second pressing is 700 black vinyl copies and 300 glow-in-the-dark vinyl copies. Hope to have them restocked in all distributors and stores, as well as the webstore in about three weeks.

Just spent 9.5 hours assembling BURIED INSIDE "Chronoclast" LP's (although to be fair I took a 40 minute pizza break) 600 assembled, 400 more to go. Now is the time to order one if you still want colored vinyl (limited to 200 copies). Deluxe 180 gram vinyl. Heavy letterpressed jackets. 2-sided/2-color insert. All new artwork/layout.

Also, I know it is lame and I held out on embracing social networking things for the label for a really long time, but consider becoming a fan of Init Records on Facebook (link on the menu frame above). I update it constantly with news, new releases, reviews, mailorder specials, preorders, etc. Also, there will be a special mailorder discount code posted next week as we celebrate 9 years of Init Records. So yeah, become a fan on Facebook. If you can't beat them, join them, right?

BURIED INSIDE "Chronoclast" LP's will arrive this week and all preorders will ship next week. Colored vinyl, limited to 200 copies, is already more than half gone, so if you want a colored vinyl copy, order now or pay twice as much on eBay later...

Welcome to 2010. Pre-orders were just launched for the BURIED INSIDE "Chronoclast" LP repress. This Init Records pressing has all new artwork and layout. The entire pressing is on 180 gram vinyl, the first 200 copies pressed on burgandy/white vinyl. 2-color inserts. Black-on-black letterpress jackets. Go to the webstore and preorder it!

BURIED INSIDE "Chronoclast" reissue LP is almost ready to go. Album jackets arrived and they look great. Letterpress printed on heavy black paper. Just waiting on the inserts and vinyl now. 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. All new artwork and layout. Plus a small handful of colored vinyl exclusive to mailorder. Preorders will be going up soon. The record will be available in stores and distros worldwide in February.
Working on the 2010 release schedule right now... in the mix will be releases from PHOENIX BODIES, CHIBALO, EMPIRES, WOLVHAMMER, HAMMERLORD, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE, BUILDING BETTER BOMBS, COUGAR DEN, IN LOVING MEMORY, and a few other surprises...

After almost 5 months of delays and problems, the BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" one-sided 12" is finally available and shipping. All preorders shipped last week. This record is pressed on colored vinyl and packaged in heavy screen-printed plastic jackets with new artwork by Heath Rave and comes with an insert and a coupon to download an MP3 of the record. Limited to just 300 copies - 100 available from the band on tour, 100 available at record stores and distributors, and 100 available for mailorder. This is sure to sellout rather quickly - head to the webstore now and pick up a copy or two on the vinyl colorways of your choice!

Not to sound too much like a press release, but I am stoked to announce a new band to the label roster. With both feet firmly rooted in the rotting graves of punk and black metal with touches of doom and rock, WOLVHAMMER will be tracking their first official full length "Black Marketeers of World War III" with the help of the mighty Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, The Gates of Slumber) at Semaphore Recording Studios in early 2010. You can check out WOLVHAMMER here and download their new EP, Dawn Of The 4th here

Pressing info for the MELT-BANANA 7" along with pictures of variations, can be found HERE.

UPS delivered the MELT-BANANA vinyl today. Now it will take a day or two to assemble all of them. MELT-BANANA pre-orders will begin shipping over the weekend and throughout next week.

Speaking of the MELT-BANANA 7", it looks like there are a bunch of color variations on the "mixed" vinyl. I will post pressing info tonight and also add color options in the on-line store tonight as well!

MELT-BANANA 3"CD's have arrived and all preorders have been shipped. There are still copies in the webstore and the band will have them on tour with them, check the tour dates page for details! If you ordered the larger, analog version, you'll have to wait a little while longer for the records to finish getting pressed.

plus a few other things of note!

If you preordered a KIDCRASH "Snacks" LP, they started shipping today, and should have all the preorders shipped by the week's end! There's still plenty of "Snacks" LP's (and CD's) available if you haven't yet ordered one, although the clear w/black vinyl is almost sold out!

Speaking of sold out... a few items are almost gone in the webstore, so now would be the chance to grab them:

  • TOWERS "Full Circle" LP (orange vinyl is sold out, 40 copies left on black vinyl)
  • COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP (36 copies left)
  • BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" CD (38 copies left)
  • KIDCRASH "Jokes" CD (36 copies left)
  • BUILDING BETTER BOMBS "Freak Out Squares" LP (39 copies left)
  • BUILDING BETTER BOMBS "Freak Out Squares" CD (8 copies left)
  • BATTLEFIELDS "Stained With The Blood Of An Empire" CD (2 copies left)
  • TORNAVALANCHE "No Money No Problems" LP (3 copies left)
  • CASTLE "Electric Wolves" CD (23 copies left)
  • SINCE BY MAN "Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse" LP (34 Last Show Cover copies in stock, 31 white vinyl copies in stock, plenty of black vinyl copies still available)
  • BACK WHEN/THE SETUP split 7" (only 1 copy on yellow marble vinyl left in stock, plenty of black vinyl copies still available)
  • SINKING STEPS RISING EYES "2002 EP" 7" (7 copies of the yellow tour cover in stock)
  • THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB "Initial Confessions" 7" (19 copies in stock on clear vinyl, 28 copies in stock on black vinyl)
  • PHOENIX BODIES/ENKEPHALIN split CD (37 copies left in stock)
  • DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS s/t 7" (only 1 copy left in stock)
  • DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS "With Prayers And A Scalpel" CD (only 3 copies left in stock)
  • THE BLINDING LIGHT "Glass Bullet" (21 copies in stock)
  • CALIGARI s/t CD (21 copies in stock)
  • MAHKATO "Fighting The Urge To Start Fires" (14 copies in stock on clear vinyl, plenty of black vinyl still available)

    Starting tomorrow pre-orders for the KIDCRASH "Snacks" CD will start shipping. If you ordered the LP version, you'll have to wait a few more weeks. Also, some of the colored vinyl is starting to run low, and preordering is the only way to get all 4 colors at a discounted price, so hop to it.

    The CD version of the new KIDCRASH full-length, "Snacks", will start shipping next week. Those who preordered the LP's will have to wait just a bit longer... there's still plenty to be had on both formats (although some of the colored vinyl is running low...), head to the webstore and get your orders in!

    Thursday is the day to preorder the MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" and 3" CD. Don't forget!

    Pre-orders for the MELT-BANANA "initial t." 7" vinyl and 3" CD will go up October 1st in the webstore. I expect the colored vinyl to sell pretty fast, so check back next Thursday morning. The band will also have copies of both formats on their Fall U.S. tour which starts the end of October and goes into December. Shows are posted on the tour dates page.

    Pre-orders are up now for new KIDCRASH full-length CD/LP titled "Snacks". CD comes packaged in a eco digipak. LP is split release with Denovali Records and comes in your choice of 4 colors - clear w/black bubbles, yellow, red, and black. All the colors are limited, of course.

    Pre-orders for the MELT-BANANA 3"CD/7" vinyl will be going up real soon. Again, there will be some super limited colored vinyl for mailorders only.

    Finally, I can't believe I forgot to metion that in November Init Records will reissue the album "Chronoclast" by BURIED INSIDE on vinyl. It will be pressed on heavy vinyl and come packaged in a letter pressed cover, with all new artwork/layout than the Relapse Records pressing which has been out of print for a couple years now. The repress will be limited to 1000 copies and available in time for their European tour with TOMBS.

    All preorders for the COUGAR DEN LP have shipped. If you haven't already received your copy, it should show up any day. There are a handful left, but they are selling fast, head to the webstore to snag a copy.

    A new master has been delivered to the pressing plant for the BATTLEFIELDS one-sided 12". I expect to have preorders out by the end of September if all goes as planned

    Also at the plant is the new CD/LP from KIDCRASH and a new exclusive 7"/3"CD from MELT-BANANA. Both will be out in October for each band's fall tours, respectively. Preorders for both will be up mid-September!

    For those patiently waiting for their COUGAR DEN LP preorders, all the components are here except we are still waiting on the covers from Burlesque Design of North America. Once they arrive all preorders will be sent out. Sorry for the wait, but rest assured when you see the final product you'll know it's worth the wait.

    For those patiently waiting for the BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" 12", I am hoping to get the new master (as there were some production issues with the old one) to send the plant within the next 2 weeks, and then production on the vinyl will be under way. Once the new master is sent to the plant, I will again be taking preorders in the on-line store.

    The new full-length from KIDCRASH is called "Snacks" and it is done and finished being mixed and mastered. Once the artwork is done, it will be sent to the plant. We will be putting it out in October on CD in the U.S. as well as on LP which will be a split with Denovali Records. If you live in Europe or Australia, Denovali is taking preorders now. If you live in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, you are going to have to wait another month until I start taking preorders. Init Records will have all 4 colors of vinyl, just like Denovali, so don't worry.

    Also coming out in October is a 3" CD and 7" record from MELT-BANANA. This record has 3 brand new songs and the band will have it on their U.S. tour which starts in October. Artwork is being handled by Aaron Horkey. There will be some limited colors and whatnot. I am hoping to have this sent off to the plant the first week of September.

    Releases for the rest of 2009 not listed above are looking like this: CHIBALO 7" (new ex-Song Of Zarathustra/Killsadie band from Minneapolis), BUILDING BETTER BOMBS 10", COUGAR DEN/BUILDING BETTER BOMBS 7", and a new full-length CD from EMPIRES. Possibly a few other things too.

    We've run into some production problems with the BATTLEFIELDS 12" delaying it a bit. For those who preordered, we'll keep you updated. The COUGAR DEN LP components should all be here very soon and I hope to have them shipped out in the next two weeks.

    The new P.O.S music video features his band, BUILDING BETTER BOMBS. You can check it out here: Probably the first and the only time an Init Records band will ever be on MTV.

    Pre-orders are up now in the webstore for the COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP and the BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" 12". Both are pretty limited, so don't sleep on these!

    COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP is limited to 500 copies on opaque light blue vinyl and comes packaged in a 4-color french paper screen printed cover printed by Burlesque Design Of North America featuring the stunning cover artwork hand-drawn by Aaron Horkey. Includes a download card for MP3's of the entire album.

    BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" one-sided 12" is limited to only 300 copies on marble vinyl and comes packaged in a heavy plastic sleeve (the picture disc kind) with all-new artwork designed by tattoo artist Heath Rave. Includes a download card for an MP3 of the EP.

    Preorders are now up for the new IN THE FACE OF WAR "Everything You've Heard Is True" CD. 10 brand new tracks packaged in a full-color digipak with 8-page booklet. Printed on 100% recycled materials. There's a special where you can get a copy of their Init Records debut "Live Forever Or Die Trying" CD and a poster for just $2 more, which I highly recommend for the value and to help clear up some warehouse space! Orders will start shipping next week!

    Preorders for the BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" 12" and COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP will go up over the weekend. I expect both to sell out relatively quickly.

    Preorders are going up this week for IN THE FACE OF WAR "Everything You've Heard Is True" CD, COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP, and the BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" 12". I expect the vinyl to kind of go fast, as they are both pretty limited and the Cougar Den packaging is amazing! I hope to have them posted in the webstore tonight!

    I can't believe it's almost already July. July 17-19, I will be attending DUDE FEST in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    July will also see the next batch of Init releases, which includes:

    IN THE FACE OF WAR "Everything You've Heard Is True" CD. The fourth full-length from Kokomo's ITFOW. More stripped-down than their previous efforts, yet still full of the youth crew sing alongs fans have come to love. 10 brand new songs. Packaged in a 100% recycled digipak with 8-page booklet.

    COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" LP. Vinyl pressing of their latest full-length that came out in October on CD. This LP is on blue marble vinyl and comes packaged in a seriously amazing 3-color screen printed covers on high quality French paper. Aaron Horkey's stunning cover art is being screen printed by Burlesque Design of North America. Includes digital download card. Limited to 500 copies, I am sure these will go fast!

    BATTLEFIELDS "Entourage Of The Archaic" 12". A limited edition one-sided 12" of the Entourage Of The Archaic EP. One-time only pressing on marble vinyl and packaged in a screen printed heavy plastic sleeve. Each copy will be hand-numbered and include a digital download card. Only 300 will be pressed, with 100 going to the band, 100 going to distributors, and 100 available from Init Records mailorder!

    All of the July new releases will be available for pre-order the second week in July.

    I also just sent the MELT-BANANA 7"/3"CD off to get mastered. It's looking like a late August/September release currently!

    Next on the horizon... CHIBALO (ex-Song Of Zarathustra/Killsadie) 7", EMPIRES CD, KIDCRASH CD/LP, BUILDING BETTER BOMBS CD/LP, IN LOVING MEMORY CD+DVD/LP, THE ASSISTANT 2xCD, etc.

    The TOWERS LP is out and shipping now. There's just a small handful of them left on orange vinyl (less than 10 as of 5/17/09), so if you want it on colored vinyl, act fast. Next up is a new full-length from IN THE FACE OF WAR, an exclusive new 7"/3"CD from MELT-BANANA, and the COUGAR DEN album on vinyl.

    You can pre-order the vinyl version of the new TOWERS album. It is a split release with the Towering Sound label, run by the band themselves. It also contains a download card to download MP3's of the entire album. There are 400 on black and 100 on orange vinyl - only 50 of the orange are available via mailorder (the rest through the band). Head to the mailorder section and pick it up.

    THE BLINDING LIGHT "Junebug" CD, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE "Burrows" CD, and TOWERS "Full Circle" CD are all available now in the webstore. Mailorders ship this week, otherwise you'll have to wait until April to get them in stores and distros (BLINDING LIGHT and SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE street date April 7th; TOWERS street dates April 21st).

    INIT FEST 2009. The third annual Init Fest is taking place on Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th at Nutty's North (805 N. West Ave.) in Sioux Falls, SD. First day includes sets by THE BLINDING LIGHT (CD release show), HØST, HAMMERLORD, BATTLEFIELDS, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE (CD release show), and ROMAN SHIPS (ex-SINKING STEPS RISING EYES). The second day features sets from BUILDING BETTER BOMBS, PHOENIX BODIES, IN THE FACE OF WAR, TOWERS (CD release show), COUGAR DEN, and SLAM DUNK (members of PHOENIX BODIES). Both shows are all ages, doors at 6 pm, music at 6:30 pm sharp, and will cost you a mere $8.00 per night to attend. If you live in the midwest, please be there!

    This date (loosely) marks the 8th anniversary of Init Records as a record label. After being involved in setting up shows, doing a zine, and a distro, it was the summer of 2000 that I decided I wanted to put out a CD for The Vidablue (later Ten Grand) so I could listen to them in my car (they only had 7"s out at the time). 8 months later 1000 CD's showed up on my doorstep and it all went on from there.

    To celebrate, I am doing the third annual INIT FEST this year on March 13th and March 14th at Nutty's North in Sioux Falls, SD. This fest will commemorate 8 years of Init Records as well as the 50 individual catalog releases on the label (as well as a new worldwide physical and digital distribution deal with Lumberjack Mordam Music Group). Bands playing include The Blinding Light, Høst, Hammerlord, Battlefields, Sleeping In Gethsemane, Roman Ships (ex-Sinking Steps Rising Eyes), Building Better Bombs, Phoenix Bodies, In The Face Of War, Towers, Cougar Den, and Slam Dunk (members of Phoenix Bodies). All ages, 5 pm doors, 5:30 pm music, $8 per day ot $12 for 2-day passes in advance.

    So 8 years and 50 releases later I have lost massive amounts of money and have a basement full of CD's and records that I'll have until I die. Thanks to all who have supported the label the past 8 years and the year(s) to come.


    AMENRA "Mass III-II + Mass IIII" 2xCD. Available for the first time in North America, AMENRA's past two full-lengths combined in a double CD set, completely remastered with a bonus track never before available on CD. Comes packaged in a very cool custom-folded digipak with slipcover. Go see them on tour in the U.S. now with ZOROASTER.

    THE HOWLING WIND "A Tyrannical Deposit In The Doctrine Of The Soul" 7" picture disc. The follow up to their amazing 2007 debut full-length, this experimental black metal project (featuring Killusion of UNEARTHLY TRANCE) brings us one new exclusive track b/w a DARKTHRONE cover. Limited to just 500 copies worldwide, and comes with an MP3 download card as an added bonus!

    Both of these releases are available in the webstore NOW! They will be available in stores and from distributors worldwide on March 10th, along with COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" CD and HAMMERLORD "Hammerlord" CD. Also, on March 10th, the AMENRA, COUGAR DEN, and HAMMERLORD albums will all be available for purchase on iTunes and other digital stores.

    In a couple weeks we will have 3 more new releases available for purchase: THE BLINDING LIGHT "Junebug" CD, TOWERS "Full Circle" CD/LP, and SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE "Burrows" CD. After that look for a MELT-BANANA 7" come summertime, along with a new CD/LP from IN THE FACE OF WAR and something new from BUILDING BETTER BOMBS.

    AMENRA "Mass III-II + Mass IIII" 2xCD and THE HOWLING WIND 7" picture disc are both at the pressing plant. Both will be available at stores, distributors, and everywhere else world wide on March 10th. The AMENRA 2xCD has ridiculously amazing packaging and the HOWLING WIND 7" is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies. AMENRA starts their U.S. tour next week and will have copies for sale on the tour, check the tour dates for all of the shows and go check them out!

    Following the release of those, Init Records will celebrate 8 years as a label with the third annual INIT FEST taking place Friday, March 13th and March 14th at Nutty's North in Sioux Falls, SD. THE BLINDING LIGHT, HAMMERLORD, HØST, BATTLEFIELDS, SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE, BUILDING BETTER BOMBS, PHOENIX BODIES, IN THE FACE OF WAR, TOWERS, COUGAR DEN, and SLAM DUNK will all be performing across the two-day event.

    In April the next batch of 2009 releases will be unleashed, including the brand new full-length CD "Junebug" by THE BLINDING LIGHT; the sophomore CD effort by SLEEPING IN GETHSEMANE, titled "Burrows"; and the brand new full-length CD/LP from TOWERS called "Full Circle."

    I added a bunch of rarities and items to the webstore that were recently unearthed in the vast depths of the Init Records warehouse (which is really just a room in my basement). Items include t-shirts from THE SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES and SINKING STEPS RISING EYES, the KIDCRASH/ARSE MOREIRA split 5" on clear vinyl, the European pressing of the PHOENIX BODIES "Too Much Information" CD+DVD, a TORNAVALANCHE CD, a couple second pressing copies of THE SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES/CALIGARI split 7", one copy of the test pressing of the TORA TORA TORRANCE/SWING BY SEVEN split 7", a DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS pocket mirror, 1" buttons for INIT RECORDS, CALIGARI, COUGAR DEN, FORSTELLA FORD, KITE FLYING SOCIETY, SINKING STEPS RISING EYES and THE SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES; vinyl stickers for COUGAR DEN, DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS, EXAMINATION OF THE and SINKING STEPS RISING EYES; and some glossy posters for ANODYNE, BATTLEFIELDS, DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS, IN THE FACE OF WAR, SINKING STEPS RISING EYES and THE VIDABLUE. Quantities are super super limited on everything, so head to the webstore and check it out.

    The next batch of releases and first for 2009 are on the horizon, and include a double CD set from AMENRA, the new CD from RAEIN, and a limited edition 7" picture disc from THE HOWLING WIND. Stay tuned!

    In the newest issue of Decibel Magazine (Issue 51, January 2009), the debut full-length from HENNES SISTE HØST took 25 in their "Top 40 Extreme Albums Of 2008" feature! J. Bennet wrote: "When Hennes Siste Høst came out of nowhere (OK, North Dakota) to slay us with their infections sorta-self-titled debut earlier this year, we didn't know whether to shit or go blind. The band's ferocious black 'n' roll blizzard combines Høst mastermind Zander Ness's love of grunge and black metal while mercifully forging the tried-and-tr00 lyrical pitfalls of Tolkien-esque fantasy and ad hoc Satanism. The result: a majestic love letter to Mother Earth scrawled in the blood of awesomeness." You can get a copy of the CD for yourself in the webstore!

    While doing some winter cleaning, I came across some band buttons and stickers, which have been added to the webstore. Quantities are super limited (most designs I only have 5-10 available)!

    So I just checked some inventory, and a few things are pretty close to being out of print (more than likely for good). There are only 3 copies of the TORNAVALANCHE "No Money, No Problems" LP left instock, and 10 copies each of the PHOENIX BODIES/RAEIN 7" and PHOENIX BODIES/TYRANNY OF SHAW 7". There are also 11 copies left of the IN THE FACE OF WAR "Summer Demo 2004" 7" which I got back in a return from a distributor, which will probably not last long once I send an e-mail blast out to some distros who have tried ordering copies when I was out of them. If you want any of these, head to the webstore now!

    HAMMERLORD is the featured podcast on Check it out and pick up the CD in the webstore!

    COUGAR DEN t-shirts are in for all of you who preordered the CD/t-shirt combo package. They should all go out in the mail on Monday.

    Also, I'm down to about 3 copies of the TORNAVALANCHE "No Money No Problems" LP and then it is out of print. I also have less than 10 copies each of the PHOENIX BODIES/RAEIN and PHOENIX BODIES/TYRANNY OF SHAW split 7"s. So grab them now if you haven't already!

    COUGAR DEN and HAMMERLORD CD's have arrived from the plant. Both look and sound fantastic. If you preordered the HAMMERLORD disc, they are all being shipped Monday. If you preordered the COUGAR DEN package, the t-shirts are being printed currently and so far it looks like they are still on schedule to be shipped out the first week of November.

    The COUGAR DEN and HAMMERLORD CD's should be here any day. They shipped from the pressing plant last week. If you preordered the limited edition COUGAR DEN package, the t-shirts are being printed this week and they should ship the first week of November. Both of these albums are awesome and both will hopefully get the vinyl treatment by the end of the year.

    If you are unfamiliar with either band, I strongly encourage you to check them out. COUGAR DEN is a three-piece of young kids from Milwaukee who play politically aware and progressive thinking screamy hardcore. They have a Myspace: HAMMERLORD is a new thrash metal band from Lawrence, KS comprised of current and ex-members of THE ESOTERIC, CALIGARI, and THE BLINDING LIGHT. They bring a welcomed change to the typical thrash metal band, with hardcore influences and throaty vocals, no cheesy high vocal parts. They also have a Myspace where you can check out some songs:

    HAMMERLORD and COUGAR DEN discs are the plant now. Vinyl to come later. You can pre-order both CD's now in the mailorder catalog! The COUGAR DEN CD has a special pre-order only package with a special t-shirt, button, and sticker with a band logo designed by my favorite artist Aaron Horkey, who also did the COUGAR DEN CD layout and artwork. Supplies are limited and we will only be taking preorders for the first three weeks of October so order now!


  • COUGAR DEN "Keepondrifter" CD/LP
  • HAMMERLORD "Hammerlord" CD/LP
  • TOWERS "Full Circle" CD/LP
  • AMENRA "Mass III+Mass IIII" 2xCD
  • HØST 7"
  • THE ASSISTANT "Collection" 2xCD
  • IN LOVING MEMORY "Discography" CD+DVD

    Visit the new Init Records webstore here:

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